What Is A Paladin?

08/05/2014 12:53 AMPosted by Cadenbrie
Still like this thread.

I am a Blood Knight. While you devoted your life and efforts to be blessed with the Light we were allowed to believe we kidnapped a powerful being of the Light, carried it to our capital as Velen and the Naaru planned, and although we believed we were stealing the Light from it the Naaru actually allowed this to happen to bring about the salvation of our people.

Fixed that for ya.

Blood Knights were a fun idea and all, but not nearly as "dark" as some like to believe. Post Sunwell Blood Knights are much like traditional Paladins.

At the time they didn't know M'uru was letting it happen, they were stealing his power. That's kind of a d*ck move. So, compared to traditional paladin, we're "darker". I guess now we're like all the other ones.

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