Looking for Guild

391 BM Hunter - 4.2K Res.

Working on PvE set... (Ilvl 387 pve)

Looking for Guild to raid / run rbg's with.
Bump. Still looking.
Update: Ilvl 391 - 4.2K Res. (Working on Cata)

PvE set still work in progress. (Ilvl 387 pve)

Still without a guild.

I'd be a great addition! Hit me up! We're not all huntards you know...
Would be more than willing to recruit you to our guild if you would want to make the switch to the dark side! We have a newly formed guild that has a bunch of heroic raiders at the helm looking to level a succesful guild through MoP. We are a bunch of great people. Some of us have even been playing together since vanilla!

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