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<Air> (Est. 4/27/2012) is a Stormreaver Alliance 10M morning/day time raiding guild. General recruitment for our MoP raiding teams are now open for all classes and roles. We are running two 10M raiding teams in Mist. The two teams are independent of each other with different raid leaders, raid style, schedule, and rules.

Last Updated:
Oct 26th 2012

MoP: 4/6N
Cata: 8/8N+8/8H

About Group 1
Group 1 is <Air>'s early morning raid team. This is a progression oriented raid group, with a serious focus on downing heroic content. We raid on a light schedule of only 5 hours a week, but within the 5 hours we expect nothing less than the highest level of performance and focus from our raiders. This is a friendly and efficient raiding environment, with no idleness or half-!@# attempts. You are welcomed to troll during bathroom breaks, but when we pull we expect you to be leet like a boss.

Group 1: Raid Time (Server Time, CST)
Wednesday: 9:30AM - 12:00Noon (7:30AM - 10:00AM PST, 10:30AM - 1:00PM EST)
Monday: 9:30AM - 12:00Noon (7:30AM - 10:00 AM PST, 10:30AM - 1:00PM EST)

Recruitment is now open for all classes/specs/roles. However, we are in most need of the following:

1 Exceptional Range Caster DPS: Warlock/Ele.Shaman*/Mage

*Hybrids with an off-spec of another role is a huge plus!

About Group 2
Group 2 is <Air>'s late morning raid team. This is a fun but progression minded team. We are on a limited schedule of one day a week so punctuality and performance is key!

Group 2: Raid Time (Server Time, CST)
Thursday: 11:00AM - 2:00PM CST (9:00AM - 12:00Noon PST, 12:00PM - 3:00PM EST)

Recruitment is now open for all classes/specs/roles. However, we are in most need of the following:

1 Exceptional Tank: Prot.Paladin/Guard. Druid/Blood DK
1 Exceptional Melee DPS: Ret.Paladin/WW.Monk/Dps DK/Enh.Shaman
1 Exceptional Range DPS: Mage/Warlock/Elemental Shaman/Hunter
2 Exceptional Healers*: Resto Druid/Resto Shaman/Mistweaver Monk/Holy Paladin

*Tanks and Healers w/ DPS OS is a huge plus!

To apply, please fill out an application at: http://air-sr.enjin.com/recruitment.

Please note that attendance is the absolute #1 thing we look for in our recruits, so please make sure you can commit to the weekly raid schedule for the raid group you are interested in before applying!

If you have any questions regarding recruitment please feel free to contact the respective raid leaders of each group in game:

Group 1: Xelaeno
Group 2: Silmy (Alt. Tieger/Eyecu) or Guyst

P.S. Also welcome regular day time pvpers of all skill levels. We love bgs and arenas! Casual member rank also available for those who just want some guild company in the day time hours or repair while leveling their alts. We don't bite so don't be shy! Some of us also camp Openraid a lot and enjoys achiev/transmorg runs through old raids/instances.
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WTB Shaman
what is this, your third thread now? Nebula, yes a guild 100x better then 99% of this server runs off 1 page, why cant u?

yo forums, we got another HM kill, we better make a new forum recruitment page yo.....sigh....btw I ran with a couple of your HM guildies today....was not impressed

sephyxia goes hard

Lol sorry we couldn't offer you our best noob carrying service, a bit late in the day so the two of us were half asleep. It is however free of charge as always so you are welcomed to join us in a complimentary run. I'll take your bump as thanks.

Btw, more trolls = more threads. Have to meet public demand somehow. You probably think otherwise but honestly until you put your game play where your mouth is I could care less about what you think.
wait wait, your Fahren? rofl....haha....and um 12pm is late in the day? is that really your excuse for playing bad?
LF solid hunter to replace me. You must beat me in a duel, then you can have my spot. I'll duel you as survival so you can have the upper-hand.

Can you duel them naked? Cuz I'd like to fill the hunter spot before Christmas...
Ok you're right, that's a tad harsh.

Attention hunter recruit: Please contact me in-game and we can dps raider dummies. If you beat me in dps, you can have the spot.

FYI, my dps is terrible. I got outplayed by a ret pally last week.
bump need warlock and mage!
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