Launcher Is Downloading Data For MoP Update

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If you've not been here for an expansion, there are some things to look forward to.

Fairly soon the transition will begin. Each expansion has been different but there is one constant; Blizzard is very tight-lipped about what's coming.

For Burning Crusade raid bosses showed up in the world (youtube has a great video of hundreds of Alliance being pwned outside Ironforge).

For Wrath of the Lich King we chased plague spreaders and became temporarily infected with plague (during which time we could communicate across factions).

For Cataclysm certain cities were besieged by elementals that had to be killed and we had to infiltrate the Twilight Hammer cult.

Whatever Blizz has planned for Mists of Pandaria is likely in this 6GB download, or at least the beginnings of it.

Usually a week or two before the release we get the update for stuff that isn't specific to the expansion; talent tree resets mostly, but other things as well.

The actual expansion with the expansion-specific things in it, like the new race and playing areas, won't show up until expansion day and will come from the disks or downloaded data.

Something to keep in mind: The expansions are messy. There are bugs and glitches all over the place, both in game and during the installation process. Stay calm.

Following the expansion there will be even more patches. Some small, some large, to debug things and add any last minute additions. After a while there will be fewer and fewer of these.
08/10/2012 11:16 AMPosted by Garsid

Dammit Garsid. >_< Can't not read that in the voice.

set up us the bomb
Yea... I'm a truck driver, I only have so much internet a month through my cell phone. I can't figure out how to make it STOP downloading the update and I'm almost internet capped. At a rate of $10 a gb I don't wanna dl it right now. I'll wait until I get home on my home internet in a few weeks...... Anyone know how to prevent it from downloading =/?
will this next patch end the arena season?

Even if you don't get MoP, will you still be able to roll a Monk on other races???
08/10/2012 12:43 PMPosted by Solarri
Even if you don't get MoP, will you still be able to roll a Monk on other races???

You wont have Monks or Panda's or access to the new zones.
This is exciting, something NEW to partake in soon :D
In the loader's options/ preferences, uncheck all of the boxes. Quit the launcher, and then launch Wow.exe manually, usually found in

C:\Program Files\World of Warcraft\Wow.exe

You can also copy and paste the Wow.exe as a shortcut to your desktop

Just be sure to re-check the appropriate boxes in launcher once you get to the point of wanting to download the updates.

This was very helpful. I was in a similar bind as Yerith, and I was flipping out when I realized there were 6 whole gigs to download (I'm only allowed 5 per month anyways, hehe).
I would be over joyed if the patch was released this coming tuesday!
My last download was 14.9gb, anyone else have anything that big???
Uhhh... my background DLer says the whole thing is around 21GB

Does that use up ISP internet useage?
08/10/2012 01:21 PMPosted by Yohko
My last download was 14.9gb, anyone else have anything that big???

Mine is 21gb and is now on....lemme check here....19.8gb. Apparently, I'm updating from v. to

You can stop around 30 seconds in or so. <3

When I think of the background downloader, that scene comes to mind.
I'm just popping in here to confirm that the background download for Mists of Pandaria content has begun.

It's like September 25 is getting closer every day... (!)


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