A World of Warcraft Public Announcement

Wyrmrest Accord
(| Warning the following text is a paid announcement from your local <We Love You Smaller> foundation. View at you and your families own risk. |)

... Many whom live their lives in servers designated as RP servers are finding themselves exposed to more and more second hand growth pot usage. If you are a Growth Pot addict you often spend up to or more than ten thousand gold a year on growth potions. You continue to lie to yourself and your loved ones about your true identity in attempts to make yourself seem like a better man or woman in sexual actions or in combat. But this is not you, and growth potions have a dangerous side affect of turning you into a cocky, stuck up, mother licking, butt-nut.

All this has been confirmed by the gnomish society who have been watching our realm's population closely in the past few years. Such gnomes often find themselves riding the back of a few who do Growth Potions and investigating their lifestyle... One of these users is known to us as Bloodrage... A few more like to linger about the local taverns.

Growth Potion addicts are often Death Knights, Warriors, and Hunters... All of which normally remain in corners or in large circles of people. If they are in corners they are often attempting to look cooler than you because they are bad and they feel bad about their true selves. If they are in a large gathering, they are often trying to start fights because they lack in sexual performance.

For a small donation of one gold a week... YOU can help save peoples lives from this awful addiction... Simply log onto your WoW account and join the <We Love You Smaller> foundation in order to donate.

This has been a public announcement.
Us capitalist alchemists don't want you ruining our profits.
lol Rhyd <3
This made my day. XD
You need some sappy music.

And a picture of an addict looking sad.
He needs Sarah Mclachlan music.
I was an addict once, then <We Love You Smaller> helped me. Nah, I never was, actually. But I bet they would! Seems legit.
But....I like growth potions....made the Host event so much more fun.
08/10/2012 02:33 PMPosted by Sholaad
made the Host event so much more fun.
You should make a new Host event - with a twist.

The Game Show Host!
*game show music starts - any ol' game show music*
The game show should consist of three people behind a sheet... One person outside asks them questions and has to find out who's a growth pot user
Or who is unnaturally tall.
Growth Potion + Giant Feast + Gorodunni Ogre Suit = Pretty much awesomeness.

Also it's hilarious stealthing through Stormwind in that on my Rogue.

Apparently I've blown a few minds when this 'Ogre' sneaking past somebody and they see this giant purple-grey-tattoed Fatty Night Elf running around.
Well I have yet to see this giant ogre, I can only dream of it
Keeping the message alive
Yay! Xannt! I have FOUND YOU..*Stalker eyes*
Friends don't let friends do growth pots!
Growth Potions harm the enviroment, after all, I am a Night Elf, I know these things.

/puts ear to side of tree, as if listening

Also, this one says your bulging armor looks both repulsive and hilarious at the same time.

.....I may also be a crazed knife ear who believes he listens to foliage....hmmm
~Horde News Network is currently investigating these claims. Look for a special report in Wednesday's HNN Newspaper!!

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