CVN Looking for More MoP

So you're stuck in a low tier guild? New to the server? New to the game? Well, I have a deal for you:

CVN is one of Dalaran's oldest guilds and it has maintained its proud banner on Dalaran since Vanilla. That's right, we are still here.

I am looking to add a few quality players to my roster who are committed to getting it done. If this is you, keep reading and check out the following statement.

Who we are:

1. We are a raiding guild first and foremost. We raid casually, but we work hard.
2. We are a tolerant and comfortable place to call home. No drama.
3. We teach raiding and embrace the philosophy of constant learning in our raids.
4. We are open. We value member's opinions and take them to heart.
5. We are fair. We treat everyone who raids with us with the utmost respect.

We are progressing through the content on a 6 hr/week schedule. Current raid schedule is as follows:

Friday/Saturday 8pm to 11 pm server

Currently recruiting:

1 tank
2-3 DPS

If you are looking for a place to call home and want to take your game to that next level, check us out.

Contact: Caetaecian/Darkantony, Aenesthesia/Hallowe, or Eustacia for more information.

Edit - New stuff!
Bump for awesome peeps, I definitely recommend this group for anyone wanting a casual atmosphere while still having good progression and being surrounded by great players.
Up with you.
Up you go
so.... can I come along?
Yes, you can. Contact myself, Eust, or Aen (Hallowed) in game.

And grats to Eust for finishing the legendary daggers. I know, we're late, but it's better late than never. Also thanks to those who helped us in Saturday's PUG. It was a lot of fun!
Hmmmmm, the temptation......
You know you want to.

We have pancakes and spiked punch.
We have an excellent raid team coming together. Can still use a few more. Come on by and check us out.
Bump for a great group!
Up with you.
First boss dead. Progress made on second. Not bad for first weekend out.

Nice job gang!
Updated needs.

We are looking for a few more to fill out a planned second 10 man run. Same raid times as the other one. Likely going to be kicking off here in a couple more weeks, so plenty of time for you latecomers/slower levellers to find a place to raid.

Currently looking to add 3-4 DPS and 1-2 healers. (See guild site for individual class needs). Will adjust numbers as we get closer.

Raid times will remain Friday and Saturday 8pm to 11pm server time.
2/6 with one night to go.

Feng taking a dirt nap. Nice job folks!
Ohai there.
Still looking. Been picking up some folks here and there. Come one, come all...we have pie and punch.
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Updated needs.

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