CVN Looking for More MoP

Bump for CVN <3
Can you say 6/6 MV and 1/6 HoF? I think I just did.
Bump, bump! <3
Great bunch of people to play with !
Was passing by just thought of saying Hi :)
So do you guy's have room for new tank ? I am currently on the stromrage server but willing to transfer over .I am still rather new to tanking Btw i started doing Msv last week .This was my old server about 2-3yrs ago so thought i would come back give ita second chance :).Any how if there is any intrest just lemme know in game and i will check back here often as well .
Drop by our forums at and throw in an app so we can get in touch with you.

Also, if you are on Wednesday night at 8 pm server we will be doing trials then. If you are on, whisper either myself, Mythri, Aen, or Ent.
As a CVN guild member, circa classic wow in Molten Core, that would entitle an auto raid invite on Fridays & Saturdays, yes?

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