2000 years from now...

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an Anthropologist would look back and think that Chuck Norris was a god worshiped by people in our time.
Yeah, along with most other celebrities really. They'd think we have some sort of pantheistic pantheon of human demi-gods or something.
This is the truest crime of our generation.
I remeber on my original server, Medivh, there was a guild called "The Disciples of The Holy Norris."
Get out.
This was actually something I thought about when I was taking Archaeology at school. Since we as a people have established the field of anthropology, won't we have the foresight to leave detailed information on all sorts of things to future generations thousands of years from now?

Archaeology exists as a field because the earlier peoples probably weren't thinking that their stuff was going to be buried and subsequently dug up. They were focused on establishing their civilizations and surviving. For example, there are a lot of writings that even now, we're unable to decipher because we have nothing to go by.

I'm sure that a couple thousand years from now, anthropologists would know that stuff like the Chuck Norris thing were just silly internet memes.
Honestly, what's really sad is that 2,000 years from now, much of our ephemeral culture will have been lost by the obsolescence of technology capable of reading our current data formats. I suppose it's no worse than paper disintegrating in the elements, but somehow it seems sadder to me.
Either that or someone is going to dig things up and simply go: "This is what we evolved from? Holy crap." After all, in two thousand years, we may evolve back into talking monkeys. I mean, that's how it worked in Planet of the Apes.
There's a great book called "Motel of the Mysteries" by David Macaulay. It's a beautifully illustrated account of a Howard Carter-like archaeological dig of a cheap roadside motel, with no cultural context to work with. Among the better images from it are:


I think they will look back, and say. "Wow, that game Halo was so accurate."
I think they will look back, and say. "Wow, that game Mass Effect was almost entirely accurate."

fixed that
Some archaeologists actually look at modern culture to tell us about today. Even if we recorded things we thought were important for the future to know, a great deal of information would be lost.

It's like during the years when history only concerned European men, because that's what the people writing the books thought was important.

Good point, though.

That's true. History was written by the rich and powerful. Writers back in those times were the few rich enough to actually get an education.

Nowadays though, we have things like blogs and Facebook among other things, where even the common people have a voice. That would give future anthropologists more of a perspective on our current generation I hope.
that's to say if there's a civilization left on earth in 2000 years.
That's true, though some people say the digital age will not preserve well. Also, the things we say and type or not always an accurate reflection of what goes on in our lives.

What people do and what they thing they do are different things. What we say we do is even farther removed.

But in 2000 years we will all be intelligent plants that won't give a damn.

It's a shame we won't be able to know how it will turn out.

All good points. I disagree with your last one though. We're going to become energy beings capable of traversing worlds and time.
I will freeze my body, and then unfreeze, thanks to a timer. I will survive!
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I will freeze my body, and then unfreeze, thanks to a timer. I will survive!
Thanks. In the year 4012 will you roller disco too?
Don't worry. Since the good die young, I'm going to live forever. I'll set the record straight.
Anthropologists 2000 years from now? Pah! We're going to turn out like Idiocracy portrays us.

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