[H] <AFK Being Epic> 6/8 HM Needs a few more.

We currently are in need of a couple more players to fill our raid spots.

We have 2 groups running currently.

Group 1 runs Wednesday/Thursday 8:30- 11:30 Server
Group 2 runs Tuesday/Thursday 9-12 Server

Group 1 is in need of:

Off Tank with decent DPS Set (Druid, Warrior)
Shaman (Enhance or Resto)
Druid (Flex heal with DPS set)

Group 2 is in need of:

Paladin Healer
Priest Healer
Shaman (Any Spec)

All raiders get free repairs and etc. We are wanting to build up these groups so we could push through MOP with a 25 man idea. If not, we will just continue with having multiple 10 mans going at the same time =)

Message Veltrix or any officer in the guild if interested in one of these groups.

Thanks for reading this post!

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