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Type of Guild: Medium Roleplay
Guild Focus: Mercantile Roleplaying, as well as PvE.
Timezone: We're all over the map at this point, though the majority of us tend to be night owls, so we're up late across the board.
Levels Accepted: 15+ for non-Death Knights, 60+ for Death Knights
Races Accepted: Any and all.
Special Requirements: None, really. If there's anything you need help figuring out, game or lore-wise, we're here to help.
Contact Information: Contact me here, as well as in-game. If I am not on, feel free to ask anyone currently online for an officer. Chances are at least one will be on!
Recruitment Status: Open!

Who We Are

Silverforge Consortium was founded more than a year ago, with the goal of creating a fun and inviting environment for people interested in mercantile roleplay. We started as a small group of friends and grew over time, having structured shops and less formal street sales. Since then, we have had many events and partnerships come and go. Activity has flourished with the release of MoP, and the guild is currently in the best shape it's been. If you're interested in a guild that has fun RP events, hilarious members and a wide array of things to do while in game, you'll fit right in!

RP is our guild's focus. We currently have 2-3 regular events and are always welcoming more ideas for one-offs or something a little more permanent. We do more than just roleplay, though. We currently have one raid team working their way through current content, and are close to having enough for a second. A number of our players also love running old content for transmog gear, reputation, patterns, you name it. If you're looking for that one weapon out of a BC raid, chances are you can get 4 or 5 of us to tag along and help!

Current Events

[Silverforge Emporium]: Anyone who has goods or services they wish to sell can come to the Stormwind Harbor and try to make those sales! If you don't have anything, we have a tab in our guild bank that has gear and clothing to be sold, so just ask if you want something! We also like to sell GHI items, so if you've got it, come on by and you might pick something neat up.
[Guild Meeting]: A dinner and meeting for members of the guild, as well as friends and prospective members. Think of this as a week-in-review plus a meet-and-greet. Stop on by and meet us!
[Caravans]: In the past, we have run caravans to guilds outside the city, bringing supplies and RP with us. If you're interested in having us come out to your location, please, feel free to ask! We'd love to strike up some partnerships.

We also have other ideas in progress and welcome new ones! I now leave you with a poignant quote from one of our longtime members, that sums up Silverforge Consortium quite well.

"Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark." - Katecia Kanesby
I endorse this message.

Especially this part:

"Bark bark bark bark bark bark bark." - Katecia Kanesby
I've been misquoted.
What I said was "Bark bark, bark bark bark bark."
This one time... I raided with a cantaloupe. True story.
I've been misquoted.
What I said was "Bark bark, bark bark bark bark."

Orly? Because I heard from a friend what you really said was, "Bark, bark bark bark, bark. Bark."
You forgot the biggest bonus to joining SfC, Raife.
Raife is a punishment for new members that step out of line. Whether or not they actually see him as punishment goes a long way into deciding if they're right for our guild.
08/10/2012 03:21 PMPosted by Pyrillia
Raife is a punishment for new members that step out of line. Whether or not they actually see him as punishment goes a long way into deciding if they're right for our guild.

Some people enjoy the punishment, but still see it as punishment. What about them?
That's how an officer is created, Mari.
For anyone reading this, that's why we're so weird.
He would gladly accept the role of setting others straight. Or not so straight. Either way.
Hello there, thread! It's been a while. Two pieces of news to note.

First off, Silverforge Consortium will be hosting an event in Halfhill tomorrow at 6:00 P.M. server time. The Farmer's Market will be a place for people to come on by and get materials for cooking. We will have many meats, fishes, herbs and vegetables in stock, as well as already-prepared dishes! Everyone is welcomed to come on by to purchase what they need or trade if they have their own stock. Haggling is encouraged! There may be some other goods and services around, so feel free to ask once you get there, and have some fun RP while you're at it.

The second order of business has to do with our raiding in this expansion. Thanks to an influx of members who are interested in the prospect of raiding, we have nearly enough for two teams. As is, we're short one tank and one healer. The likelihood is that we will have one group raid on the weekend and one that will take place during the week. If you're interested in raiding with or joining up with us, let me or one of the guild's officers know in-game. Post here if you want, as well!
Three and a half hours until the market! Hope to see some people out there. Still looking for those interested in raiding, as well.
The Halfhill Market is currently going! Come on down if you're short on cooking supplies, have supplies you want to trade, or just want some RP fun!
Thanks to all of those who did come! We definitely want to make this a more common occurrence, so look out for it in the future.
I was going to say something witty or clever here, but I'm drawing blanks tonight. I've got nothing.

What I do have, though, is something in a nondescript bottle that I found in the bridge. Upon the bottle is one of those white labels, the kind that you printed with those old label guns. You know the ones.

Anyway, it appears to be something called Jalapeno Cream Ale or something. I'm not entirely sure when or how it got there or what it tastes like.

Should I drink it?
If you haven't already, I'd go for it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

I take no responsibility for what happens as a result.
Still looking for a healer and a tank! We could probably go for another ranged DPS or two, as well. We're good people! Give us a try!
Sometimes at night I like to do science experiments. And sometimes I wake up with pineapples on the counter that didn't exist the previous day.

Sometimes it scares me.
If you are unable to tank or DPS, we're still filling roles as target dummies. We need to test theorycraft somehow.

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