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Wyrmrest Accord
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Nya nya nya, nya nya nyanyanya....nya!
Sometimes at night I like to do science experiments. And sometimes I wake up with pineapples on the counter that didn't exist the previous day.

Sometimes it scares me.

I'll take those pineapples! They're a delicious acid-y pointy fruit of doom!
Hi! Welcome to a thread.
I like to pull at loose threads and then act shocked when things start to get holes in them.
Sort of an odd way of going about things, but are there events that other people would like to see?

SfC: Now taking requests (And putting them in a pile for an awesome marshmallow roast)
bumpages nya nya nya!
So after Mists came out, Pilus released (publicly) a completely new version of GHI with a bunch of changes and new stuff. At first I was all >:C because it pretty much broke everything I'd made since I got the add-on, and a lot of my projects are big undertakings.

It's been two months, so I figured I'd poke around and see what had been fixed and what I could salvage.

Long story short, holy crap is the new version awesome. I'm really looking forward to fiddling with it. If you're not a coder, it's still got a lot of added features, and a new graphic interface that exposes a lot of the more powerful features. If you are a coder, you'll probably find the Advanced Item stuff kind of a clunky alternative to doing things the old fashioned way, but you can do (almost) everything you could do before, and some of the stuff that used to be a huge pain in the butt (Changing or updating items, creating a new item from within another item) have been made super easy.

If you don't have GHI, or haven't really bothered messing with it, I'd recommend giving it a try!

Just don't make more stupid area sound spam music boxes you bastards
Hey, so I made this music box, it plays the Tauren Chieftains on loop, free to the first 100 people to reply
And that's the story of how Katecia became a druid of the flame and burned the entire guild to the ground
11/04/2012 12:09 AMPosted by Pyrillia
Hey, so I made this music box, it plays the Tauren Chieftains on loop, free to the first 100 people to reply

Because the last thing we need is to hear that old song over and over.

Can we replace it with Gangam Style? Or Nyan Cat!
I'm going to make an item that makes it sound like someone is playing the Ogri'La Simon game and have it continue forever

I'm going for the high score you jerks

*Mind Blown*
Awesome...because I said so.
11/05/2012 09:01 AMPosted by Shinar
Awesome...because I said so.

... I approve of this message. :D
I can wait you all out. There's a few of you who want to raid with us. I know it. I feel it.





*goes and chases puppies*

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