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Wyrmrest Accord
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It feels like some one is poking a needle into my eye ball while kicking me in the stomach. I think I've become Sha-touched IRL. Some one fix this D:
11/26/2012 11:47 AMPosted by Peony
Some one fix this D:

Okay okay, I'll bump more. But I swear to the heavens that it'll make me look like I'm talking to myself. ; ;
That's because you are.
11/29/2012 03:29 AMPosted by Paolu
Some one fix this D:


Thanks, I don't notice the pain in my eye any more due to the BROKEN NOSE. ._.
I helped. :D
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Get to work, slacker!
Wait, which one's the slacker?
Just gonna cover my bases and say yes.
I did interviews and helped. :(
As a guild, I think it's time we had a discussion about the impact of levels on RP fighting. Firstly,
I really hate it when people claim that their level 10s can beat me in a food fight because I can make food they can't even get the materials for

if they want to claim they are as good at food fighting as me then I will gladly fly them to turtles to farm for meat
I realize your character may be a cook with many years of experience, but while you're leveling, think of some reason as to why they wouldn't be as good as they usually are. Perhaps they had a traumatic experience with some salmon.
My parents were killed by some really bad worg.

...Oh wait
My parents were killed by some really bad worg.

...Oh wait

That made me giggle.
I have a troutapult. I am unmatched in food fightery.

Come at me, starving people.
Bump for thermodynamics ruining my life.
A troutapult, you say? Let me just get on my bear druid and we can test this contraption.

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