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Wyrmrest Accord
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12/06/2012 03:06 PMPosted by Vraakiir
A troutapult, you say? Let me just get on my bear druid and we can test this contraption.

I misread contraption as contraception.

Boredom is killing my mind.
Fear is the mind-killer. Boredom is the... Thing that makes brain go do good and do a thing with stuff.

Obviously I am not bored.
So, I'm browsing the forums, and at the very bottom, I see one of Blizzard's ads for their services. Faction change. Sure, alright. But the depicted change is of a draenei to an orc. Who would do that? A monster, that's who.
Blargh. I feel sick again and can't sleep. Some one fi---Wait, no. Last time I asked for some one to fix it I had a wrench thrown at my face. *stares at Kat*
Uhm. I feel like I should say something related to the thread here... Uh...

Hi, yes, I believe this is what you're looking for.

Fatty Goatsteak
12/12/2012 12:08 AMPosted by Vraakiir

I still cannot get over that hair.
His hair is fabulous.
Hurrrr~ I have nerded so hard tonight. Excuse me while I fall into a happy dorky Hobbit induced coma of happy.

Also, those interviews shall be done tomorrow. I ended up with less time than I had thought I'd have to begin with.
Bemp for two more finals to go.
Vraa: I just noticed that your forum alt list shows eight characters, and immediately went, "Where's the rest?"
^- I don't post on all of them. That, or they've been brutally ki--deleted.
Vraakiir brand Lean Worgen Snausages - Made from real Worgen!
So, that was definitely the best Christmas I've had in years. Actual thoughtful gifts and two movies in a seven hour span. Paid for it with a massive headache today, but it was so worth it.
I require moar Hobbits. No really, I have to see that for a 3rd and maybe 4th time before it leaves theaters.
Bump from an old friend.
Man, we have the worst luck with tank healers. I feel like that slot is cursed or something.
Giving a bump to the Elite Bleat Master, Pyrillia. You're rappin' skills make mine look like a crime.
At least I can say my degree is good for one thing. I know words good.

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