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Dark Influence is a guild that was created as a reserection from another realm. Our goal is to rebuild back to a guild of people who care about those they play the game with rather than progression or ranks.

That being said, I am now looking for people who do enjoy end game content but are not focused on progression. Intent is for casual end game with people you enjoy logging in to see each day. As of now, out of the people who were going to rebuild this only myself and my wife are still logging in at this time.

I either want to recruit players looking for this style of environment and are mature, or i would like to find a guild for my wife and I to be part of with this type of structure.

Thank you for your time and if you view my profile, please understand we stopped playing beginning of wrath and just came back mid cata so our raid experience is from pre cata.
Just sayin cause i know how you guys love to jump on details sometimes.
Hello Nilex :) I am the wife of the GM of The Four Dragons. I was referred to the post by Rawsteak, she said you were looking for a guild that sounded alot like the mind set of ours. We try to keep the guild all muture players and are a casual players. We enjoy playing the game for pure fun and relaxation. The main active players in the guild are all over 25 years old(we all have jobs and alothough we love the game we still have to answer when the real world calls :D lol) and are not concerned with wether you have the all the raid achievmenst before we accept anyone into the guild. Our guild is currently a level 6. We would love to talk to you and your wife in game I currently play Bellemorte or Sonyia on Arthas and my husband switches between Scadaar, Callynaar and Rurouni. Thanks for giving us the oppurtunity to tell you about The Four Dragons :D See you soon in game :)
What does your wife play? Message me in game, I would like to chat with you a bit... maybe I can help you out.
Wife mains a priest, i play both warlock and hunter, though hunter i am far more experienced with.
Well, ive been looking for you each night but have not yet found either. So i have 3 toons i play on Nilex, Symoric, and Nikago. hit me up on any of those 3. not going to put my real id here for anyone to get.
What times server time do you normally log on? Cause I added you to my friend's list weeks ago and have never seen you log in...
Still looking for this, we log typicaly 10-11 server, im hopeing to find something that fits. it does not matter if alliance or horde at this point, though i prefer horde, i have 90's of both as does my wife.

i just dont want to spend time logging in doing nothing, im not big on achievments or pet battles, im a social type so need to find a home.
We are a small group of friends that play together there are about 6 of us plus some casuals that have joined we play all the time. I made the guild as a place for my friends myself and my girlfriend to have some fun. We are always adding new people everyday.
Would love to talk more, sounds like a good start, but you did not mention times most of you play. goiing to attempt some ingame contact.
Still looking, if there are any guilds like this please let me know.

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