<Pinnacle> [H] Hyjal, 10M HC Recruiting 4 MoP

Pinnacle is a recent Hyjal (Horde) Guild transfer we are looking for capable and laid back, yet dedicated late-night raiders. We managed 6/8HC DS prenerf and basically took time off for D3 and waiting for Beta to open.

We have raid positions open for heals and would love to see Pally/Sham/Druid for MoP. We will possibly open spots for DPS depending on what actually goes live. Most of our core are on the beta and have gotten our toons to 90 and farmed all of the new instances - so our goal is to map out Rep grinds and Valor/Justice/Crafted/PVP items that will have our group in its best possible start for raids when they open.

PM Anyone in our guild on Live or PVE US on Beta. We have a Mumble server and our website. Feel free to inquire.

We will be raiding at around Midnight Server (Pacific time) on weekdays, we are not set specifically what days - but we're all adults and fond of our weekends!

Our Website: (http://pinnacleofhyjal.enjin.com/)
If you have questions you can hit me up on either Beta or Live under this toon name or anything else with Avian in it. I am usually logged on both Live and Beta while I make these guides, so I am /afk a lot but I usually will hear the whisper noise and respond.
Also accepting applications for attractive women (to have nice conversations with) and farmers to farm mats for guild.
Mobile phone bump
Also would love monk heels and dps if anyone will have one ready week 1
I know these guys from before they transferred off shandris, a really great group of raiders and cool guys. Best of luck gentlemen in your recruiting.
Thanks Disc
Glad to see both are getting responses
We are gaining popularity woohoo
Let's face it DS has 30% nerf and we can totally knock it out and GO!

PS this is what raids sound like....

Also recruiting dps. At most 1 melee, would love ranged dot classes like lock, fill on priest
Full on priests sorry, posting from my cell phone at work. Please visit our website for all our specific recruiting needs.

Starting runs up next week
Tuesday patch please happen now. I can wait no longer for thee
Right? Tuesday Tuesday Tuesday, so many activities.
Feels good to be filling out our roster... still need just heals

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