<Pinnacle> [H] Hyjal, 10M HC Recruiting 4 MoP

LF3M 1dps prefer a melee (non-warrior) and 2 to 3 more healers. Mistweaver would be AMAZING! but definitely looking for a paladin, druid and shaman at the moment.
Accepting all exceptional players and classes
Where'd all the late late nights raiders go.
Still recruiting. We have a core member out for work, once he returns pugs will commence

Currently would love to have a Resto Druid or Mistweaver Monk [heals] (if you can garuntee an 90 by first week of raiding), Resto Shaman, and Holy Paladin.

Also recruiting DPS
Warlock any spec that is competitive
Melee (prefer rogue or paladin)

Will accept any exceptional dedicated raider interested in late night raids
Opening recruiting for any socials of any class. Need to get guild numbers up
Raiding thursday normal raid time 11:30pm. Server which is pst time zone
Tomorrow night 11:30pm server (pst time zone). Need 1 or 2 heals maybe a dps depending.
Tonight is the night w raid again so exited to get back in the game
Still recruiting for MoP.
Accepting all those who want to join as casuals
In need of 1 ranged dps (prefer Lock) and heals (prefer Paladin or Monk if you can hit 90 before first raid.

Also raiding Thursday night 11:30pm server (PST for those who don't know)
No longer looking to recruit Warlock. Looking for Elemental Shaman or Hunter
Raid thursday
We are still recruiting. Raid slots are quickly filling up.

Still would love to have a Holy paladin and an Elemental Sham or BM hunter.
Hello- are you guys still possibly looking for a monk healer? Thanks.
At the moment mainly just Holy paladin and an Elemental Sham or BM hunter. Still sewing how some of the recruits work.
Recruiting for raids
  • Holy Paladin
  • Elemental Sham or BM hunter
  • Also accepting all classes for casual rank
    WTB Healers
    Now we just Elemental sham or hunter would be amazing then we are full
    We need healers (Sham, Pally), and likely 2 DPS.

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