4/6<Toothpaste Defense> 10 man Recruiting Now

Looking to push progression in MoP?

<Toothpaste Defense> is a reformed level 25, 10 man guild new to Kil’Jaeden (US) comprised of members who have raided progression with each other since TBC. Since that time we have amassed multiple server firsts and achievements throughout TBC, Wrath and Cataclysm, and we have now regrouped for MoP. Our core group is almost full, and we are looking for a few more exceptional, dedicated players to round it out for MoP. We will be pushing content from launch, and expect dedication and hard work from our raiders. This means you should be raid ready by the release of the first raid content, a 1 week time window. If you cannot meet these demands, we may not be the guild for you. Also, you need to be able to take a joke and handle adult humor.

This is not a casual guild, this is a fulltime progression guild, and you will be expected to carry your own weight in raids. This means min/maxed enchants, gems etc… Our raid leader will direct the fights, however he will not hold your hand through every fight, you should know your responsibilities and how to execute them effectively. I.E. fire=bad, so don’t stand in it.
That being said, we are also a fun guild, and love to joke around! Keeping the raid light and happy makes for more motivated and efficient players, just please have a sense of humor.
We offer a great deal of benefits for active raiders, such as guild repairs on raid nights, cauldrons, feasts, contests, etc…For more information or to apply, please visit our website at www.toothpastedefense.guildlaunch.com

Notice to Monk applicants: If you plan to raid on a monk, you must be raid ready by the release of content, and have relevant healing/DPS/tanking parses from your current raiding character to be considered. (BWD and BoT are not relevant parses)

Raid Times: Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday from 6-10p.m. PST (8-12 Central, 9-1 Eastern) and Wednesday from 8-11 PST (10-1 Central, 11-2 Eastern).
Current needs:

High Need:
1 Tank: DK, Palladin
1 DPS: S-Priest, DK

If you are looking to push progression in MoP, and want to raid with mature and experienced players that put in as much hard work as you do, then this is the place for you!
If you are interested, or have any other questions, add RealID ca2curran@yahoo.com (GM) or jross991@yahoo.com (Raid Lead) or visit our website to apply. Application process is very short. www.toothpastedefense.guildlaunch.com.

Cheers and Happy Raiding!
still looking for 1 tank non pally, a healer pref priest, and 1 dps pref hunter
Need one exceptional non-pally tank, and one excellent non-pally healer, preferably with DPS offspec.
Need one exceptional Unholy DK for MoP and we are full.
Still looking for a dps dk
Looking for 1 core raid member, either: DPS DK, Leather wearing tank, Holy palladin
search continues
20 days to trial afew more people! App now folks
We love resto druids.
Mop bump
bump for new needs
Baby that gurl got needs.

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