[A] Executive Decision (25m 8/8 H) Recruiting

Bleeding Hollow
Guild: Executive Decision
Faction: Alliance
Raid Size: 25m
Progression: 8/8 Heroic DS
Raid Days: Tuesday & Thursday
Raid Times: 8PM-12AM EST

We are a casual-progressive raiding guild who can come together and get stuff done while still having a good time. We understand that people have work, school, and families and sometimes that conflicts with the raid schedule. We work around it as a team though and continue to progress.

We are looking for dedicated raiders as we head into MoP. We have a couple current members who are going back to school or who are simply not playing the next expansion. We are looking for the right fit to fill these spots. Applicants must be knowledgeable about their class and role in raid as well as be able to perform. At the same time, we are NOT looking for superstar raiders. We are looking for people who value the team's goals above individual performance. You don't down 25m content solo.

We plan to continue to raid until the end of expansion and to hit the ground running in MoP. We are an incredibly unique guild in the fact that our community matters to us as much as our raid team. We don't want players who log on for 8 hours/week to raid and we never see them otherwise.

Joining us means joining an in-game family... a family who has your back through the good and bad.

If you're interested in joining or getting more information, please contact Pessimist @ Bleeding Hollow Alliance or through RealID - Nicole.nlwright@gmail.com. In addition, there's a lot of info about our guild and raid team on our website, Executives.guildlaunch.com.
08/13/2012 10:38 AMPosted by Pessimist
You don't down 25m content solo.

You do if it's old content and you're a blood dk! >.>
Touché :)
Still looking for people :) I am nearly always short on ranged DPS by the way. Could use another lock/boomkin/mage but definitely looking at all classes for MoP.
You are a little bit weird :) but thank you for the bump!!! Tis true we have no core mages... but we do have 1 lock and 1 boom. They get very sad and lonely though :( Help them :)
Rawr...we needz another boomy.

*nomnomnom* Ze kitty needs a new chicken to nom on during brakes, ours is looking a bit defeather'd!

xd I Kid. No Boomies where harmed in the making of this post. *shifty eyes*
Please guys I can't afford the Potions of Illusion, Shikoku needs a boomkin buddy!
Ran with a couple of Executive Decision alts on my Rogue today, seem like good people!
<-- Boomkin seeking a boomkin buddy for MoP.

Please contact for more details.
Hey Executive Decision some of you might remember me from awhile back I was super good friends with Blaine. I took a few month break and im coming back for 5.0, and I was curious if you all have any interest in selling lifebinders ^_^ also i'll be looking for a guild for Mists since Beastmode doesn't seem like they're doing anything. Let me know :D
Hey Konk,

Nice to see you. If you are interested in the guild, please head over to our site at Executives.guildlaunch.com and apply. We do not sell the mount outside of guild because there are so many that still want it. Instead, those on the raid team do a silent bid (highest bid wins) with the money going to the guild bank for all to use. I will tell you Blaine is no longer with us and I, unfortunately, can't direct you to which guild he's in now as I'm unaware. If there's anything else we can do to help you, please let me know.

Best luck to you and I hope to see your app soon.

ba bawk, bawkity bawk!

Come join our raid team for MoP! We are gonna NEED a warlock without Have Group now. :P
LoL come be our summoner :D
Challange issued: join our crew and see if you can beat our top DPS/HPS in the raid team. Perfect time as we'll all start from scratch in MoP

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