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About Us:

Malicious ( Level 25 ) was originally formed on a different server under a different guild name back in February 2010. After some core raiders came and went, we decided to transfer the guild to start fresh for MoP. We are now recruiting players to become a competitive raiding guild. Our current raiders have competitive raiding backgrounds with the desire for raiding progression. We have people with a variety of experience, including those with 8/8HM DS and Heroic Rag kills.

While we focus primarily on PvE, we welcome any casual, questers, crafters, and PvPers of all types. If you would like to set up your own raid, we welcome that as well. There are active members who enjoy achievement farming as well as those who enjoy putting transmog runs together.


Currently, our focus is now shifting to MoP. Some of our raiders are taking a break and vacation between now and then. For those still playing, we are running joint group raids one night per week.

Current Openings:

For MoP, we have a few openings –

- Healer – Holy pally, or disc priest
- Tank – Warrior or Pally tank
- Melee DPS – Warrior, pally, or DK
- Range DPS – Lock or Spriest

Raid Schedule:

We plan on raiding as semi-casual with a focus on guild raiding progression.

TENATIVELY - 10m Tuesday/Wednesday for 3 hours each during the evening. Times are TBD depending on the last core raiders we are looking for.

- Raid invites start 10minutes prior to starting time, and start pulling at the beginning of raid.

- Loot distribution is determined by loot council. Mount, BoE gear, profession plans, or any other special drops are based on a fair roll of all raiders.

- We will provide our raiders with feasts, flasks, and potions. Any donations are greatly appreciated.

Our Expectation of All Raiders:

With limited time for raiding during the week, we have some expectations of our raiders and applicants:

- Attendance – We do not want part-time raiders. If you can’t make the commitment, you will be replaced. We require a notice for any known absences or lateness to a raid. If applicants or other raiders cannot make the raid times, please inquire about alt raid groups or adjusting to other nights of the week. Real life circumstances takes precedent, so exceptions may be permitted.

- Know your class and spec – Be gemmed, geared, and reforged properly. There is always room for improvement and our raid leader and officers are able to assist raiders in this capacity. We don’t want anyone who consistently underperforms or can’t take constructive criticism. We are not interested in holding your hand and helping you push your buttons. All applicants are required to perform a trial run to verify proficiency.

- Be Prepared – If we are working on progression, you need to take the time before raid to review a video or website on boss mechanics. Know your role. Also, we do not tolerate 5min. AFK breaks every 30mins. Break times will be allotted accordingly.

- Working Mic - Please have a working mic and a stable computer/internet connection. We use Mumble, and not Vent. If something needs to call out, we need to hear you loud and clear, not type in raid chat. Don’t be shy! :)

- Personality – including a sense of humor, ability to cooperate with others, a positive attitude, and ability to have fun. We are a tight-knit group and will be working with you.

Outside of Raiding:

Some of us are real life friends and others we have met through WoW. We are a good group of individuals who like to have fun in game, hang out in vent, and have a good chat.

Outside of raiding, we enjoy having Alt-raids, running old raids, achievement runs, PvP, or leveling new toons. Assisting guildies is important to us and we have the time to help with questions or hard quests. We have all been there before. We are an alt-friendly guild – the more the merrier!

You must be at least 18yrs old to be permitted to join. We expect our members to be considerate and respectful towards others; we do not tolerate derogatory terms, trolling, or bad attitudes. “Adult humor” is acceptable as long as it follows the guidelines.

Additional Information:

Please visit our guild website – http://malicious-thrall.guildlaunch.com/

If you have any questions, interested in a raiding position, or would like a guild invite – please contact any of the following in game (Thrall server):

Kilandy, Fierora, or Kilachan

If you don’t see any of the above, feel free to ask any guild member, in case they are on an alt, or send an in-game mail and they will contact your promptly.

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