<A> Knights of Menethil: Four years old!

Moon Guard
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100% Dolphinyakspoon
With Sea Turtle additive.
Guild level 21! Man we're just knockin' 'em out aren't we.
...All of you may have sacrificed quality for profit, but I have not! My sea turtles will, and always will be, 100% pure.
Wow it's gettin' chilly....Falls here, an' I see a cold winter 'round where I live >.>
I think it's cold here but then Cheree laughs at me cause I guess Canadian's don't find this cold.
Really don't.
We need to name our new thread or rename this old one "It is a very bad yak." That tooltip just cracks me up.
Mean, Stabby, Smelly, Really Bad Yak. I was amazed to see Blizz use the word "Stabby".

And I don't think we'll see a new thread until we cap.

Also: WoW! Y U NO LET ME LOG IN! I'm tired of just "Connecting"!
Lv22! Guild level up like a boss.

This almost makes up for the nerf to The Quick and the Dead's speed.
The Quick and the Dead(ers)
Let me help you up my undead brothers and sisters. ^^
Not sure if butt is cold because frost spec...

...or frost spec because butt is cold...
Wow...We're almost to 23 already.
25 go go go! Free bump!
Ding, Guild Level 23! Wooooo. Great job to everybody! Also woo 90.

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