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Thread....We're gettin' lazy again!
I have begun to spread the Way of the Hat among the citizens of Orgrimmar, m'lord.
Hats for the...Hat...God...Yeah.
For some reason, this how Red felt at the end of the muster last night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kl1_SsGHhuQ
Early morning bump.
12/02/2012 06:49 PMPosted by Redamous
For some reason, this how Red felt at the end of the muster last night. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kl1_SsGHhuQ

*pokes with a stick* You sure you didn't ask for it? :P
I was on Adam Jensen levels of not asking for it.
12/06/2012 04:47 AMPosted by Redamous
I was on Adam Jensen levels of not asking for it.

I could have sworn I heard you ask for it. :P
So I just watched a video of a Lv 80 blood Death Knight soloing Baleroc.

It was the craziest thing I've ever seen in this game, and I've seen lots of crazy things.

Lv 80. 25 man heroic difficulty.
Well then.

In other news, I rented BlOps 2. First impressions: TREYARCH WHAT DID YOU DO WITH ED HARRIS!
I didn't even think that would work given an 80 technically shouldn't even MEET the raid requirements....
So. Played a bit of Black Ops 2, and being the person who when asked will generally say that CoD as a franchise is well overdone...I gotta say it's pretty freakin' fun. Treyarch obviously puts work into it, and I almost wanna say it's because they want to one up Infinity Ward(not hard by any stretch of the imagination).

The campaign is interesting, the setting is highly plausable, I would say. It shows how reliant we may grow on technology to fight our battles for us, how social networking might influence future views on various nations/people, and it's also pretty awesome how instead of set player deaths(I've yet to see any at least) some deaths are permanent and affect the story, but only if you let that person die. It's told a bit...Oddly, and there are times I honestly don't know what's going on(seriously lower the gunshot noise while people are talking, I can't hear a freaking word sometimes), it's all really great to see.

As for the multiplayer, it's not changed much. You're given ten 'points' per custom class, and you can pick whatever you want to use with those ten points, whether it be...A few guns and like, four perks, and also there are these things called Wildcards which I'm not exactlys ure what they do. While there's really not much change here, it's still really fun, and me telling myself I'd play one or two games turned into a good five or six games.

All in all, good product thus far, and I've yet to touch zombies(was never a fan, or a fan of horde mode period).
I don't think there's an even a level requirement for the older content past Lv 60 or so, now that the solo restriction's been lifted for all pre-Mists raids,
*Sniff* Well, this guild certainly SMELLS four years old.....

Still overly emotional on anger death Knight bump,
*hands Cheree a hanky*
If life had achievements...I would have likely earned something along the lines of "Lord of the Flyswatter". And possibly a title. "Redamous the Flyslayer"

*goes back to curing home of fly infestation one death at a time*
You now join such fly swatting luminaries as President Obama.

EDIT: Oops. Accidentally posted on my orc.

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