"We Love You, Mogit Add On!!!" (Part Two)

UI and Macro
"Such a useful thing, lets keep people informed."

"Let The Shopping Continue....."

"I wish I could remember the beautiful player who suggested this Add On to me, when I was hunting for the perfect boots for my Rogue. I finally got it installed and I couldn't be happier with it. Thank you again, kind and beautiful friend, for showing me the way!"

"Those of you who know how to teach, please help me spread the word, and show others the way to find their perfect Transmog Outfit!"


"The Original Thread"
"I Love You, Mogit Add On!!!" (Part One)

/Huge Happy Grin
Lol - I've gotten people hooked on Mogit including a couple of guys. I had someone going on at me when I was telling someone about it that they could just use atlas loot. Until the person I was talking to installed it and is now a Mogit addict.

Yay Mogit!
Mogit is definitely one of my top 5, must have addons. <3
♥ Mogit too Cyndi :) It's helped me create this transmog outfit that I will forever use ^.^

♥ Aune
My absolute favorite addon, and one I spend an almost inordinate amount of time using. If you haven't picked it up yet, beware, for it is quite addicting. But in a good way. <3
"I finally got new shoulder gear, that I think looks better. The old ones were looking too bright for Cyndilou. What do you guys thing?"
Mogit lets me do in about five minutes what it used to take me half an hour or longer to do in wowmodelviewer, do it more accurately, and tells me more about the items I'm choosing. I can't go back.
I found mogit very shortly after transmogging was introduced, and I've recommended it to many others since =)
It's so good, it makes me look good. ;D
It's very handy, if anything for just remembering sets.

I went a long time without it and managed ok. Just looking things up on wowhead or going from memory. But I do love it.
Good ol' Mogit <3
Addicted to MogIt <3333
MogIt for 2012
This character wouldn't be lvl 85 withot mogit
08/15/2012 03:35 PMPosted by Alissal
This character wouldn't be lvl 85 withot mogit

"Hey Alissal, do you like the new look for my shoulders?"
08/15/2012 03:43 PMPosted by Cyndilou
"Hey Alissal, do you like the new look for my shoulders?"

I was considering those for a bit.
08/15/2012 03:46 PMPosted by Loquocia
"Hey Alissal, do you like the new look for my shoulders?"

I was considering those for a bit.

"They are easy to get too. I switched, because I realized my old ones didn't match any more, after I switched cloaks."
I find MogIt to be pretty clunky and useless on the whole. The only thing I really find useful about it is how you can easily see all of the item models available to you in a single interface. This is most useful with weapons. Actually forming sets together and seeing how they fit as a cohesive whole is a chore, though.

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