[H] <CNC>6/8H LF DPS and Heals for Mon/Tues!

Corr na Cinn is currently seeking a raider for our 10 man weekday semi hardcore group!

Our current raid times are Monday and Tuesday 7:00PM to 10:0PM server time. We are currently in need of:

1 DPS (Hunter, rogue, DK)
1 Healer(RDruid or Holy Preist)

The Corr Na Cinn Mon/Tues team is 6/8H in DS !

We expect future members to meet these guidelines for raiding with us:
- Knowledge of class
- Understanding of current raid boss mechanics and execution
- Attendance at 100% since we only raid 2 days a week.
- Coming prepared for raids with consumables (pots.) We supply all food and flasks, and repairs for those in a raid group.
- Following raid instructions given by raid leader
- Nice, friendly attitude towards other members
- This is a casual-dedicated group, we are here to have fun most of all, BUT also progress!

If interested in a raid position please contact Judgedreddie or Bloodypaws in Game or via mail at jceddie@rocketmail.com

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