<The Dark Coven> Recruiting Raiders for MOP

We are now seeking members (long term need only apply) for MOP. We plan on running 25 man raiding come the next epac. We currently plan to raid wednesday, sunday and may do an extra day. The start times will be 6.30pm-9.30pm Realm Time (8.30pm NZ)

Seeking Healers, DPS :) If we due to this realm having limited players can't get enough for 25 man we will be raiding 10 man. If your a NZder, Aussie player and our times suit (not locked in could be 7pm realm time start) please leave me a msg ingame or full out an application.



bump for great peeps
Still seeking members wanting to join a good leveling and raiding guild :) We wont leave members behind and plan to include everyone :) We already have goals in place please check out website or /w us for information .

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