[H] <Seriously Casual> - LF TANK or HEALS!

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
<Seriously Casual> is a 10man Oceanic raiding guild on Blackrock US! We are a mature, friendly guild who seek to balance progression raiding with a relaxed, social play style that takes into account people's real life commitments while still clearing all endgame content.

Having said that when it comes to raiding we hit it hard and expect all members to keep up to date on our forums where we plan our raids ahead of time to ensure we maximise our 2 day a week raid schedule.

We are currently recruiting great players for our main raid that is 1/6 in Mogu'shan Vaults and raids 2 nights a week, Thursday and Monday, from 7:30pm – 11pm AEST (8:30pm - 12pm AEDT).

Core spots available for reliable players that can make raids, pull big numbers and not die to stupid shiat.
1x Tank with DPS offspec
1x Healer (Pally, Priest or Monk)

1x DPS, pref DK, Warrior, Lock, Monk, however all classes welcome to apply

Last Updated - 10/10/12

We are also looking for any keen/great players regardless of class or spec to help strengthen our core raid team for MOP so please feel free to apply.

What We Offer
A fun raiding environment with great players who excel at their roles, take accountability from their mistakes and learn quickly, while seeking to clear all content within our 2 night raid schedule.

Knowledgeable leadership and members that research and prepare for boss fights to ensure minimal downtime during raids and can also analyse WOL for areas to improve post raid.

A full raid every night with a fair way to sub in and out people to ensure we have a small buffer allowing us to raid both nights in the week without making people have 100% attendance.

A loot system that is much fairer than /roll, however easy to understand and use (Suicide Kings), as well as a rank structure that means something and rewards dedicated players with free gems, enchants, pots, flasks, repairs, everything basically all free.

If you’re looking for a solid 10man guild filled with veteran players that are already starting to...

  • Clear all heroic raids and getting Glory of the Drakes for each Tier while only raiding 2 nights a week

  • Smashing challenge modes and pvp on off nights, aiming for gold clears on all challenge mode

  • Farming achievements and helping each other get hard or retro ones, as well as working on new ones released with MOP

  • HAVING FUN, socialising and chating in game and on vent with a great group of people who won’t exclude you like other guilds can! We keep our guild small for a reason and new members are never left out!

...then feel free to contact Tuogiw in game for more information or apply via our website: http://seriouslycasual.guildlaunch.com
wtb mage or warlock!!!!
UPDATED: Still really need a solid caster DPS!
Still looking for a mage, lock or shammy healer!!!

All other classes encouraged to apply as well if our guild manta and raid times suit your needs!
I may be underqualified but worth asking - i am interested.
08/22/2012 11:23 PMPosted by Uncrust
I may be underqualified but worth asking - i am interested.

Thanks for your interest, under geared characters we are happy to consider as we're looking ahead to MOP, however a quick glance at your armory shows numerous missing gems and enchants which makes me think you don't care about your character and that's not what we're looking for.

If you're actually interested in applying on a different character or think i should reconsider the assumption I just made then feel free to contact me ingame for a chat as we're on the same server!
^^ updated LF
still LF mage or lock...guaranteed core raid spot for the right applicant in main 10man team for MOP
I'd love to help out (I'm looking to server transfer) because your guild sounds like what I want. Unfortunately, 7:30 AEST is 45 minutes too early for me to raid. :(
08/25/2012 10:06 PMPosted by Iana
I'd love to help out (I'm looking to server transfer) because your guild sounds like what I want. Unfortunately, 7:30 AEST is 45 minutes too early for me to raid. :(

Feel free to apply if you're interested!

BUMP, still looking for strong caster DPS!
^^ updated LF
up UP and AWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Need 2 strong DPS for MOP...core spots to the right applicants!
Hi, i've been searching for a good small guild to join, im currently on Barthilas, but i can transfer, been looking for the right guild since tier 11 lol, so its been awhile for me, i have a mage thats ivl 386 aswell ill link his armoury.

He is missing quite a bit as hes not my main, i need to work on him more, but my DK is my main and hes pretty sweet as is all gemmed and enchanted, if its possible to join, let me know and if i have to sign up on the site you linked i can do that no problem.

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