Enjoy Sub wondering what Assassination is for

Was wondering where Assassination fits in, is it DPS? is it Instance? is it Raid? What is its role?

I love Sub for pvp (for obvious reasons "Shadowstep") and I understand combat for instances for the fact you don't really need to position yourself other then an ambush opener. But I have had a hard time finding info as to why/when you would pick assassination.
- Doesn't require a lot of gear for scaling.
- Doesn't require really good, high-stat weapons.
- Simplistic rotation that is easily performed with minor thought (This is good for players that have to focus heavily on fight mechanics, and for those who don't want to deal with more difficult rotations just to do decent DPS).
- Has the best AoE of all 3 specs (Combat isn't AoE, it's cleave. There's a difference).
- While MoP appears to be changing this for PvE, Assassination has typically been the best spec at max level for the first few tiers of raiding.

At low level?

Play whatever the hell you want. All the specs work to some degree.
That simcraft page is very early numbers and the fact that all 3 hunter specs are so low and that arms is laughably low, would indicate to me its not to be taken seriously.

But considering how locked down and finished rogues are according to GC you can probably get some idea about rogues. It would seem that assassination is starting out weak which is against the general expac pattern.

So as far as MoP is concerned, assassination has basically no place at least in pve, I coudl see the poison damage and VW procs being good for pvp.

http://simulationcraft.org/504/Raid_T14H.html, warriors will get nerfed, and no one should be surprised at ranged dominating the start again.

Hope sub stays near equal with Combat, no interest in playing anything else but Sub unless I have to.
08/11/2012 10:58 AMPosted by Mangekyu
you don't really need to position yourself other then an ambush opener

First off, combat doesn't even use ambush. Neither does assassination, for that matter.

Second: all specs of melee dps want to attack from behind. Every single one.
08/11/2012 08:58 PMPosted by Silk
3 hunter specs are so low

IE "dead last" which I can believe after doing a raid in the beta. Of course I placed fairly high, but that doesn't mean anything really. Compared to a bunch of mouthbreathers in a LFR with a normalized gearscore, any halfway competent player should get top 5.

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