[A] <Resurgence> LFM mature/friendly raiders

Are you looking for a new home as we head into an exciting new expansion?

We are looking for reliable, friendly, mature, helpful players who want to raid or just hang out. We're only 5 months old and lvl 20 at the time of writing this but we're 3/8H and expect to really push on in Mists, down plenty of bosses and move up the server rankings. We have 2 solid raid groups right now as well as a weekly LFR run, old content runs for mounts/titles/transmog, and if we get a few PVPers we'll start some weekly PVP events too. We have a website, mumble server, cookies AND pie!

Looking for a guild who hang out in trade chat all day? Look elsewhere. Looking for a guild with members that try to help each other like guilds used to in the old days of WoW? Hit us up! Great time to join a new guild and find a long-term home. This close to an expansion, gear doesn't matter much. Attitude and personality does.

Respond here or PM me on Nefaru or Nephanis in game.
Bump for good people
Sounds interesting,what times do you raid,and are you looking for disc priest?
Hi there. We could use a disc priest, sure.

Raid times are 7-10pm ST. Grp 1 Wed/Sun. Grp 2 likely Fri/Sat.

Now 6/8H and about to hit lvl 25.

Looking for more!!!
The guild is awesome and full of friendly and helpful people
Are you guys looking for a resto or ele shaman?
Still looking for more. We ended up getting to 6/8h in DS before the expansion hit.

We just started raiding Mogu'shan Vaults and have a very solid core group. We're a little light on DPS for the main group and we'd like to get a 2nd group going. When things calm down we'd like to get mount/achievement/old raid runs going.

We like to help each other out and work together as a team. No drama. No annoying kids.

Core group raids Wed & Sun (or maybe Mon) 7-10 ST.
2nd group will likely be Fri & Sat.

If you think you'd be a good fit or have any questions, look me up!

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