Disable Number-pad Enter Key Only

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Is there a way to disable or change the keybind for the number-pad enter key without changing the main enter key? Or is it basically "Two Buttons One Cup" kind of deal?
It can be changed individually. You need a keyboard remapping software though and when you do change it, it'll be changed in and out of wow. You lose that enter key function completely.
Thank you for the reply. I guess I'll just tape my pinky to my ring finger I guess. I keep hitting the numpad enter key in the heat of battle and it's not fun typing 11112222wwwwsss2221111
Well unless you use it all the time outside wow, you can remap it and not worry about it. If you use it a lot like data entry and stuff, then you're pretty much boned yeah.
You could use Naga mouse and that transplants the numpad onto the thumbpad on the mouse but without the enter key.

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