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Emerald Dream
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Our people have seen the trolls burn our villages and the humans cower in their forts and watch us be slaughtered by the Horde. We have seen our lands leveled by the Scourge while the Horde pushed its reinforcements toward more "strategic fronts”. Perhaps the worst of it all was when we were betrayed from within and left an empty, broken shell of our former glory.

Times are changing. In the woods around the greatest city in all of Azeroth, warriors have risen up with one goal…slaughter every man, woman, and child who wishes to see harm come to our people. Force and guile are the weapons of these brave souls. With terrible ferocity, they strike from the shadows at the Alliance and the mongrels who side with them, picking off stragglers and then disappearing back into the woods.

If your blade thirsts for blood, revenge, and if you have a heart to see our people rise up, the Sisterhood may have a home for you. We do not dream only of rebuilding our fallen city, but of showing the Horde and Alliance alike the true power and ferocity the Sin'dorei.

The Sisterhood is not alone in its response to these betrayals. Others facing the choice of working with those who destroyed and fought against our people in the past moved to Dalaran. Finding peace away from the wars that raged across the east and the west, while there they have found allies in many races. Some expected and others unexpected, but in time they have grown from a small band who left for a better future into a Legion that should be feared by those who face them.

The leaders of the Sanguine Legion have come back to the Eastern Kingdoms and found their people in a mess far worse than when they left. But on their return they found a common bond and desire to fight with the band of women who call themselves the Sisterhood. And now the call has gone out, a call for the brave, the honorable, and those who thirst for war. A call for them to lift their blades and join the Legion.

The two groups have forged an that does not fight for anyone. One driven by simple goals, that require most complicated of means to see come to pass. The choice is now in the hands of the people of Azeroth...will you fight for the Horde and the Alliance in their never ending struggle? Or will you raise your blade and pledge it to the Legion who marches to bring a bright future and peace to the land? Or do the shadows beckon you to shadier dealings and the dirty deeds that, unnoticed, turn the tide...if so perhaps the Sisterhood is the home for you. Either way the call has been made, the word is out...are you ready to fight?
The Sisterhood is an all female Guild. The core of it will be made up of Blood Elves but we are open to other races possibly and that is outlined below. The Legion is open to anyone who wishes to be found among their ranks. We are both RP-Heavy World PVP guilds. The hope of this is to tell great stories, while adventuring across the land to aide in the war effort as well as work on and create cross guild stories and events. We have a website and require a simple application to be accepted into the guild, nothing to scary I promise!

Don’t worry about your ilvl, gear, or level as a whole. We are not overly worried about those and will help along in getting you all set up with the proper gear to live through your life in service to The Sisterhood.

Race Rules

Blood Elves – Females are always welcome as this is the Sisterhood! And as long as your story matches are then you are more then welcome to join us. Keep in mind we are the noble-ish underbelly of Silvermoon.

Orcs ,Tauren, Goblins – We welcome these races, but we would need a good reason for why you would care about the expanding the glory of Silvermoon on the battlefield and across the land. If you can provide us with that, then welcome!

Forsaken – We welcome you with open arms! The Banshee Queen is a powerful sister of the Sin’dore herself. And we gladly welcome any of her people into our ranks with open arms.

Trolls – Nope, never… outside of Emz personal hate for Trolls, as a whole Blood Elf lore and Trolls do not mix well. They can not be trusted and in a group with limited resources trust is a key factor and IC a troll would just not make sense in a Blood Elf driven guild.

Class Rule

The main theme of this guild is the underbelly, the less noble of the Sin’dore getting together to do what is needed to be done to defend their homeland and help on the war front so I tried to pick classes that would match that theme. We will expand a bit on each and we hope to see a lot of awesome diverse people in our ranks soon!


Hunters – Hunters are seen as honorable among the people. But they are also looked down on by Blood Knights and other magic wielders at times. And while they suffer from the same magic addiction they have chosen a path that keeps them locked off from it weather from their own short comings or choices. And given the loner personality type many of them have, they make a good fit for the Sisterhood which is lead by a Hunter.

Rogues – Lets face it if your going to put a group of underbelly and outcast people together then you must have your fair share of rogues! As such we welcome our ethically questionable sisters always.

Warlocks – The Dark lords of magic, the demonesses of our people. While Mages and Palidans may not approve of how you do things, the Sisterhood see's it to be very effective on the field of battle. And we welcome your skill set into our ranks.

Death Knights – Powerful, dark, and able to slay legions of Alliance on their own...what is their to consider?

Shadow Priests – Has the light betrayed? The darkness lured you away? Maybe your tired of helping those who don't thank you for it, or your ready to take the fight to them over just supporting it. The Sisterhood welcomes you and your unholy arts.

Allowed with Good Story Reasons

Warriors – Tired of being just a grunt? Overlooked? Scolded for your lust to kill the enemy in violent ways over and over, then you stand a good chance of finding a home in the Sisterhood.

Sin’dore Paladins – Tired of always being on the defense? Following a coward who does not put our people first? Ready to take the front line and show that even a warrior of the light can cause fear in the souls of others? Come talk to us.

Disc. And Holy Priests – We need sister's who support our mission but are unable to take the fight to those themselves. Come keep our brave Sisters alive on the front line.

Mages – Tired of being on top? Of the easy life and want to try life in the trenches? Don't feel like the noble life is for you? Then come see the Sisterhood we will make a woman out of you yet ;)

Never Allowed – Druids, Shaman's and Monks.


The Legion is a fighting force that is made up of all walks of life and accepts all races at this time. To join either guild please fill out an application at the website below and send it in

Liv won, guess that means I'll have to drink plundered ale with her some time?
Indeed you will lol
OOC: I've been thinking about your guild for a couple weeks, as the mirror guild (all female nelf) doesn't seem to exist that I've found. Sadly I've only been involved with what I would call "light RP" so far and I find it not as engrossing as I'd hoped. Do you offer help with how to act/speak/backstories for those who might not have the deepest of lore knowledge? I have a couple ideas I think would work well with the sisterhood, and even a couple characters I could transfer over from their current server (to be of more use).

I've been off and on ED for about a year, but have really been making this my home lately. I am loving the server as a whole and the few events I've been able to attend. Just hoping there could be... more.

Sorry if this is covered on your website, but I'm stuck at work at the moment and the link is blocked.
No worries!

We do offer help, we have a lot of first time RPers in the guild as well who have come a long way. Are experienced rollers are always happy to help. My head officer is also a Lore machine at finding ways for things to work.

You can try the main link of it might be unblocked for you. We use that one up there since two guilds share the same site now. Give it a look, and feel free to ask any questions in the shout box or poke me or an officer in game tonight when we are on for help.
08/13/2012 08:19 AMPosted by Otere
OOC: I've been thinking about your guild for a couple weeks, as the mirror guild (all female nelf) doesn't seem to exist that I've found.

Last I heard, this was the ally version. With respect to the indiviguality of both guilds, that is. ^.^
I believe they are joint gender now. Or so I have heard, but I could be wrong.
08/13/2012 08:30 AMPosted by Emzela
I believe they are joint gender now. Or so I have heard, but I could be wrong.

Ah, this could very much so be true. I haven't chatted with any of the sisters in a month or two.

Anyways, best of luck with the guild Emz. ^.^ Some cool ideas in play.
That one is blocked as well, but I could spend all day here or on YouTube - go figure!

I'll catch up with you guys tonight. Looking forward to it!
Awesome! We will talk with them.
((Cool gals from what I've seen. I got one single character slot left, and I'm really weighing my options for an RP guild and these gals are weighing heavily.))
We would love to have that last spot be filled with a Sister :)
In the interests of the guild's public image, Liv has been banned from practicing her special brand of "recruitment" here. Manilakota, you'll have to track her down about that drink. She was probably sincere - she enjoys killing dwarves almost as much as gnomes.

Let's try to keep things professional this time around.
Pah, such nonsense. Dwarves are honorable. Slay the Worgen mutts. Slay them all.
Gnomes are my preferred slayage...see how far you can punt em once you behead them.
Awesome group of people. I look forward to RPing with them.
08/13/2012 04:52 PMPosted by Brtanyshears
is this the spill over from the @wetlands posts? i thought since you were using that forum for nonsense we could use this one

No, this is a recruiting post.

If you had bothered to read anything in the first two posts you would have realized. But apparently your stupidity has once again surpassed my very, very low expectations of you.

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