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Emerald Dream
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It seems to be that they are the ones interested in me, lovely.

*He looks around for a moment before looking back at Liv*

I can't help but be the centre of many people's attention. It's quite a tough job you know.
Must not be too tough, you have time to tell an audience of your accomplishments. Are women this easy to enchant these days? As far as I am concerned, they can all go back to doing what they do best, shining my leather. Every once in awhile I will award them with a firm hand but usually it is only to wipe my dinner off on something. It's a shame my leathers are more valuable than their flesh.
*She crosses her arms and watches with slight curiosity.*

What an interesting turn of events Mr. Allandre. Were you aware of this?
*Stops and turns to face Seven*

Dearest Seven, so glad to see you my dear.
A solid, loud, continuous clap was heard as the leather clad man surfaced from the shadows.

Well played.

The clapping stopped as the mans two strong hands pressed against the back of his neck. Legs also spread apart to rest in a more comfortable position, readying himself to enjoy the show.

Sev, answer me this. When did you start falling prey to illusions of grandeur?

Don't worry, I am not staying around long enough and I would hate to see the curtain close on you.

Funny you always thought me a -bad man-.
Vi'drago releases Liv from his hands and casually walks over to the new comer and pulls up a chair to sit in front of him.

One of my guilty pleasures is a good conversation.

Vi'drago Allandre and you are?
Liv smiles at Seven.

Good to see you again, I hope your boss has been treating you well.

She glances at the joker in the blindfold.

Friend of yours? He's no one I recognize. And if he knew V at all, he'd know that "modesty" isn't even in his vocabulary.
He folds his legs like a gentleman would and continues to look at the male rogue across from him.

That and many other words.
Kade's aged face gave way to a boyish, charming, curl of the lips. The man bent at the knees a few times as he stretched his gaped legs. If you looked closely, one could see the leather blindfold had sewn thin fabric surrounding the eye holes. The rogue's sight wasn't hindered by the fading black cloth that surrounded his fel green orbs.

Hearing Liv and Vi'drago speak he remained calm, his hands now joined and balled into a fist, placed at the small of his back. Before the gathering crowd the sailor held the grace of a refined sir. Not once did he give in to the whims of those around that sought to heckle with him.

Turning his head he locked his gaze on the only one that seemed to matter, Sev.

"This is your world now?"
Vi'drago turned his head to look at Seven quickly before looking back at the male rogue in front of him. He unfolded his legs and sat comfortably now as he continued to address the rogue. Vi'drago snapped his fingers in front of him quickly.

Focus, you.
Liv leans back against the nearest wall, folding her arms over her chest as her expression shifts from vaguely interested to obviously bored.

"And here I was hoping for an entertaining afternoon."

The blond sin'dorei shakes her head and watches Vi'drago attempt to get the intruder's attention.
There was no question that Kade had focus, sadly it wasn't on the male that continued to speak to him.

The smile he once had absorbed back into his cracked flesh, a deeply furrowed brow gave hints to his emotion. Turning his back on Vidrago he marched with determination towards Sev. Hands quickly battled the leather gloves for removal. When they fell to the floor he stomped over them as if they held no worth.

Sev's smell entered his nose as he placed himself mere inches from her feminine form. The vanilla and clove he once loved now was tainted with a foreign fragrance, the scent of a male. That alone brought the controlled fire to a burning rage. An eerie silence stood between the sun and moon children before words cracked out.

"I shoul' belay ye and hand em' ol' a black spot. Tha' lot ol' em aren' even fit ta' hol' the holystone and pray scrubbin' wot' we walk oon'."

The man's words quieted, talking to Sev in a hushed whisper.

"C'mol' Sev. This ain' ye. All o' them makin' a mock o ya. Ya' sink meh' with ye addled choos'. Look at wut' is goin' on round' ye. Wul' one o' them stop' ye? Nay. All wo' prolly be sayin' fair winds"

The corsair brought his hands up, waving in mock gesture. An attempt to get under Sev's skin like he knew he often could. Praying on her emotions was easy and he always knew how to hit her the hardest.
Clearly the stranger had no idea whose territory he was in - and that Seven and V were outsiders just as he was. Liv shrugs, hoping none of the more defensive Sisters would show up to chase away her unusual, diurnally-challenged visitors.

She turns her gaze back to Vi'drago, a shadow of her earlier grin returning to her face.

"Will we be dancing again soon? I'll admit, I have missed it."
Vi'drago sighed and slapped his gloved hands on his knees in quick succession and stood up, clearly being ignored rudely by the other male rogue. He turned his head toward's Sorielle and Liv and shrugged as he amusedly watched the charmer walk toward's Seven.

Oh and Miss Seven, don't forget the dinner tomorrow night. Dress code in effect of course and do wear that dress I like, the black one.
The rogue watched as Seven took her leave, taking note that this may be the very last time he ever laid eyes on her.

Even the hardest men can turn soft when struck. The mind is the strongest weapon contrary to popular belief and it was apparent Sev had the ability to cut him in two. Looking to Vidrago, his lips pursed as he wet them with a moist tongue.

A thousand thoughts filled Kades head, all of them racing to make it out the mouth first.

"I am Kade. A man whose been the butt of a cruel joke. Fate had it I was not to be born by the moon."

The rogue took notice of Liv and Sorielle, nodding to them as he spoke.

"I'd rather cut my manhood off than to accidentally spill my genes into them. What rubbish. The choices I have within my own race."

With a kind smile he settled his gaze on Vidrago, wishing to speak with him before he travels on.

"You have no competition as you are the only male amongst these love starved hens. Think about that as you rest your head at night. Well, time for me to set sail. Do give Sev a raise at some point, out of respect for me of course."

Like a sir, he placed his palms on his stomach and bent at the waist to show off a formal bow.
Liv's lip curled upward in a sneer as she examined the increasingly unwelcome guest. She'd met her share of self-loathing Sin'dorei, but this particular pig rubbed her in all the wrong ways. He was sleazier than Ravenhul, and the contrast between his affected manners and rude remarks made her want to stab something soft, bloody, and vital.

"I'll gladly relieve you of your - did you call it your manhood? How quaint. I wouldn't want you accidentally contaminating one of our Sisterhood with it, though I doubt you could get near enough any of us to try."

Her gaze flicked back to V for a moment before she resumed glaring at Kade.

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