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I dearly hope to see the Sisters questing out in Pandaria <3
You'll see us, but will we see you?
*wants a fur panda hat*
09/24/2012 10:14 AMPosted by Emzela
*wants a fur panda hat*
im sure that can be arranged, for my boss has given me the pleasure to hunt down and bring him back many pandarian pelts. *grins wickedly while sharpening his claws*
Tekuno love... that mog...


On Worgys makes me think they got in a fight with a razor and lost xD
Tekuno love... that mog...


On Worgys makes me think they got in a fight with a razor and lost xD
Big things in store for MOP...

The Stuff T said, plus new RP stroylines getting ready to be rolled out, and much more! Get on board before it's too late!
Looking to explore panda land with a group? Join up! We have been doing the quests and instances in guild groups and having a blast!
Don't scared away by Em's silly hat. She's still looking for one made of panda fur.

I hate the hunter gear these past two seasons -_-
Yeah, too bad you hunters can't look this good all the time.

Liv grins, eyes twinkling mischievously.

I've seen so many Alliance folks in the past few days, but none of my favorite dance partners. I hope everyone's having a lot of fun, and I look forward to crossing blades with some of you soon!
Yes well...some of us don't like to have to keep wipeing the nigh elf and puppy slobber off all the time. So not looking that good has it's perks.
I'll have you know that I am usually slobber-free. Night elf saliva is caustic so I make sure to bathe after Araane is done mauling me, just in case.

(( I'd like to congratulate the Sisterhood's first two level 90s, Vanessa and Rikkui. Rikkui won 2.5k for being the first non-officer to hit the new level cap, and Vanessa is a leveling machine! Congratulations to both of you, we'll be joining you at 90 very soon!

I realize that everyone has been focusing on leveling lately, and that leaves little time to consider things like finding a good RP guild, or thinking about WPvP beyond those annoying Alliance players camping your quest hubs. But if you're unguilded, or unsatisfied with your current guild, or thinking about how you'd like to play the game once you hit 90, think about the Sisterhood.

With the new arena season beginning, we have several players interested in forming teams. We're also going to be forming an RBG team once we have enough 90s, Emzela or I will be posting a new recruitment thread with our specific class needs once we know what sort of comp we're going for.

And, if you're looking for a fun, carefree roleplay environment to call home, you can't do better than the Sisterhood or the Sanguine Legion. Cool people in both guilds make this the best experience I've had since I started playing WoW. You don't have to be an experienced RP-er to fit in here, we are more than happy to help you develop those skills.

If PvE is your thing, we can't promise raids because that's something we don't plan on doing as a guild. However, Vanessa and I (as the PvE officers) are both former PvE-ers and between us we make an excellent tank/heals combo for regular random instances, heroics, and eventually challenges. We're even teaching Emzela to PvE, if you can believe that. I've almost got her trained to turn her pet's taunt off as soon as we enter a dungeon. xD

If any of this sounds interesting, or if you'd like to speak to an officer about the Sisterhood or the Sanguine Legion, contact one of us in-game. We're never too busy to answer a few questions, or to refer you to someone who can.

Emzela - Sisterhood GM
Livyani/Triera - Sisterhood officer
Vanessa - Sisterhood officer

Lianyai/Moriyná- Sanguine Legion GM
Calthal - Sanguine Legion co-GM

Happy leveling to all! ))
Need more for our Rated Battle Ground Team!

-Dot Classes

Those are our biggest needs, but we are willing to work with what we get. Looking to have a fun and awesome season!
:Peers about a bit.:

I have it on good authority that some of your girls should be reappearing soonish. And I've got a shiny set of PvP gear just waiting to get broken in, if you aren't adverse to pulling over a crazy cross-realmer for your fun and games one WPvP night.

:Flexes and grins.:
I think we could find room for a bit brutish orc every now and then...

((Or something along those lines, what is our battle cry? XD))
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- Looking for Healers for RBG team
- Looking for people for a 5's team
- Looking for active RP's for RP

We are still looking :)

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