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Testing the waters here.

I'm a Resto/Balance Druid who is looking for a morning raiding guild. Been playing since late BC/Early WOTLK and never raided till late WOTLK where I casually did some pugs. Come Cata , I decide to take it a bit more seriously and got into a casual raiding guild. Mid FL I decided to search for another more serious guild and found the guild I currently am in. With the help of real ID raids I have finished 13/13 HM W/ Glory 7/7 HM W/ Glory and since my current guild stopped , I pugged and did 8/8 HM. Please put Lawlstomp at the start or end of your post so I know you read this.

T11 pre nerf: Around 5/12 norms on my DK , took a break and came back to find my spot taken.
T12: Made my Druid my main , went back to t11 and finished , 3/7 pre nerf , xferred 2/7 H before DS. Also did around 4 or 5/13 HM T11 shortly after I finished t11.
T13: 0%=10m 8/8 25m 6/8
5%=25m 8/8
10%=25m 1/8 H
15%=10m 5/8 H ( Or 6/8 H it was either week before or week after 20% nerf)
20%=6/8 H 10
25%=8/8 H 25m W/ 7/8 H 10 exp.

Also across these nerfs I found the Real ID raids and finished 13/13 H ( Once solo healed Sinestra p3 after other healers died in p2 to unleashed essence) W/ Glory. 7/7 H W/ Glory.I'm looking for guilds that CAN clear content in a timely manner and WILL push HMs. I am sad that I have cleared all the cata content so late and in MOP I hope not to hold back and to finish it by the end of the tier.

403 Rdruid w/ H WWH. 400 Boomy no legendary.

25M Prefferred. Weekdays only. 7AM CST(Can MAYBE do 6 30 but thats pushing it)- 12 : 30 PM CST. Horde or Alliance.(Please do the time conversions yourselves and check it works)

Post here and I will get back to you.

Hi, [A] Sanctum is an established 8/8HM 10man guild in Dreadmaul. We are forming Group3 for MOP. Group3 raids from 11pm to 2am Server Time (9pm to 12.30am GMT+8 which should be 7am to 10.30am CST) on every Wed, Thu and Mon. We aim to maintain alliance 1st 10man guild. If you find the above suit your situation, you can contact me at realID TTC1511@gmail.com.
for aussies this is 11pm start time AEST
Hey Korg,

<Litany of Fury> is a GMT +8 guild with players from a variety of locations. We are a 10 man HC guild that raids Wed/Thurs/Mon, from 11 ST to 3 ST (which I think will suit your times) We are in need of 1 more core healer for mop to complement our team, and it would be great to have you.

If you would like more information please check out http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4081817631 or head to http://litanyoffury.wowstead.com/.

Best of luck with your guild search!

Ultimate is a 25m raiding guild on frostmourne that is Realm 3rd. We finished the content pretty early this tier and have been farming 8/8hm on our 25m raids ever since in 1 night. We raid from 930pm-1230am GMT+8 Wed Thurs Mon. If interested, kindly apply at http://wow-ultimate.guildomatic.com

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