10 blood dks to take down morchok!!!

I'd like to get a group together of 10 well geared blood dks to attempt taking down morchok. I know it sounds kind of stupid but, if you go to youtube there have been a ton of bosses downed in Firelands w/ a 10 dk group. I can't record this stuff on my computer but it'd be nice to get someone who can. I will come up with a calendar date and invite list within a few days if there are enough people interested.
^ owned.
yeah i knew ppl did firelands, heroic rag there's a couple out there and that is awsome i'm just sayin no morchok vids of it and i think thats easily do-able
Could prolly do all of DS with 10 dks.
Well I didn't think about spine. Better death strike moar!
well i would think that spine/yor'saj would possibly be rough idk if we could heal ourselves through some of possible blob configurations, plus adds might not die fast enough might be tough to kill them and a blob if they dont all die i'd be game for a night of trying to clear though lol it's not like it matters that much anymore considering in a lil over a month we'll be replacing the majority of our gear from quests....... unless ur crazy heroic geared

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