MoP deluxe Edition Extras?

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I just bought MoP Deluxe Edtion and how do i recieve the munt that comes with it?
You wait until Sept 25 when the game launches.
I just bought the deluxe edition with the free flying mount and a couple other items but when i go to my characters there is nothing there so how do I get them?
If probably upgraded, the mount should just appear in your list, the pet will be in the mail on the first character logged into the account after the upgrade.
Check your Mount and Pets tab. If you have the Imperial Quilen or the Luck Quilen Cub in it, you have the upgrade.

For future reference, please open a new thread.
ok it's the 7 of October downloaded MoP deluxe edition on the 2nd and I still haven't gotten the flying mount.

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