Skribxoxo's Public Ventrilo (Free Channels)

Hey everyone,
You may or may not have seen my thread before offering my free ventrilo channels, but my vent is still running to this day and is getting lonely.

Pretty much im offering a 150 slot, Sydney based Ventrilo server for anyone to use. Now here is how you get your own channel. I'm currently in Perth and the ping is around 60-80.

If you don't want your own channel or I'm not on to make the channel there are pre-made channels with limits to how many people can join the channel (stated in the channel comment) this is to stop people joining your channel.

Join the ventrilo, sit in the channel called "Waiting for Asistance", I will then open a private chat and ask for the following things - Channel Name? Channel Password?

So basically with your channel comes with -
    Channel Name (Of your Choice) eg. Skribxoxo's !@#$ Longue
    Channel Password (Of your choice (This password is to join your channel)) eg. skrib123
    Channel Admin (Ability to kick/mute people from your channel).

Server Details -
IP -
Port - 30425.

Okay so jump in vent get your own channel for your RBG's that you run every week, Even your guild raids. Anything you want really I'm happy to make a channel for.

*NOTE* All inactive channels will be deleted.
Bumping for a free ventrilo!
Have a few people filling up the public channels! Bumping again.
Vent is filling up with FL runs and just people chatting, don't forget to bump the post guys!
Bumping for the ventrilo!
Thank you :)
Bumping for free ventrilo!
Self bump, heaps of people using it but no one wants to give me a bump :(
cheers for the vent mate, appreciate the Kindness
Hi Skrib i'm interested in the free vent :D will look forward seeing you on the vent
What time are you usually on to deal with channels Skrib? would like to reserve a channel for guildmates if possible
I wasnt on yesterday, I will be on 5 hours from making this post. Sorry about that, forgot to log onto the vent. REAL ID - if I am never on the vent.
I'm on now :P
awww both of us work until late yesterday thats why we didnt log in
Will add your real id so could get your help in game also :)

Thanks in advance mate
08/15/2012 05:10 AMPosted by Kelandon
No one wants your free Vent, thanks.

Please tell me more about how you speak for everyone?
Thanks for the channel man, here's another free bump for you
@ Valcazard no worries, still giving away channels! Beware that i may become inactive on forums because I am quitting.
another bump for this awesome guy, because he has made our first raid run smooth :)

Thanks for vents man

oot question: why you quit wow?
Bump coz I could be interested in a channel :-D

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