Can Intel HD 3000 run MoP?

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Can I play World of Warcraft MoP on Intel HD 3000?
My laptop have Intel Core i5-2410M @ 2.30GHz and 4 GB RAM.
The settings is low or high isn't really matter (I see WoW with low is still good).
Is it able to do battle ground like Alterac Valley with 50 vs 50?
Thank you!
No one have the answers???
It might run it, but It wouldn't be able to run at anywhere close max settings and you might have some trouble in 25H raids. This all depends on what resolution you are playing at as well as what cpu you are using. I'm not the most familiar with intel integrated graphics, but you could probably get a more in depth answer here:
probly not Intel is terrible.
Yes. All Intel HD graphics-based GPUs are officially supported and can run World of Warcraft. The newest Intel HD Graphics 3000/4000 chips can actually run the game quite well, and while they're not entirely ideal, you shouldn't experience any significant issues with performance.

The game's system requirements are detailed here:

And an in-depth look at supported video hardware is here:
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Thank you everyone!
Intel HDs are supported with one exception. The HD 4000 is not supported when used with Vista 32 or 64 bit, due to a lack of driver support.*&DownloadType=Documentation
will there be any lag like in 25m raids while using a computer with intel hd 3000?
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