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Hey there. One very concerned DK here.

I haven't been able to find anything relevant to the topic for the recent patch notes, so I'll just post this here and on the DK forums.

I can't stand Frost. I feel it's too simplistic in PvP, what with button mashing Howling Blast and Necrotic all day. I quit in 4.1 because Frost was the best all-around spec and it was intolerably boring.

Call me crazy, but I love the ghoul. I love the playstyle in general of Unholy, and I've found most of my success in playing Unholy. To be honest, I rolled and mained my DK specifically because of Unholy.

I'll play whichever spec is the superior one in MoP, but it might determine which of my few maxed level characters I play as my "main". So, I must ask:

Which is currently superior, and why? I know things are subject to change all the time but Blizzard has come to the number-crunching stage so if there's anything that puts one spec vastly over the other in PvP, judging from past expansions, it'll probably not get fixed for a long time/ever. WotLK Destro -> Cata Destro is a perfect example.

Thanks for the feedback. Sorry for freaking out about something that may be nothing, but I've been pulling my hair out in frustration about what I want to do when the expansion hits. Having ADD, I find it hard to keep interest in multiple characters at once, so I focus a lot of effort onto one or two characters at a time. I want to make preparations for the expansion to accommodate this.

i hear ya bud right now you can 4 shot as frost.
however you can get like 100k+ necro on a target if every thing is timed well.
the question is unholy or frost!
i love the pet stun and the necros and gargole and pet leep as unholy
in frost its up to 6 ob crits wich is crazzy burst wich right now is bursty with all cds
i hope unholy comes on top frost is just to face roll.
Even though frost was big in 4.1 that was just the fotm due to the big ob crits... and it stayed this way till last patch which now has everything all messed up. However, all of the top dk's have ALWAYS been unholy... always. Not to mention that unholy was never bad, what it was is kids didn't have the skill nor the patience to learn to play unholy... it wasn't fast enough, it took too long to get dmg up and yada yada which is why frost was the fotm.

Most likely even with frost's burst... it's utility / mobility in bg's and pvp pretty much = crap... I can't speak for lv 90 but blizzard isn't exactly full of surprises. However with death's advance being up for grabs by any spec, who knows. IMO play what makes you happy... before I quit in march I was unholy w/ gurth and just running trains... but I'm just a casual pvp'er so idk
in cata before the mop patch and i was able to do arenas. i would do Arms/UH and i didnt even know how to play unholy, yet i always did ALOT of damage and killed healers no problem with all the control we have on them.

so even though i had no idea what i was doing in unholy, i still did great. so DKs in general dont take much skill.

But as of right now i can run in and 3 v 1 in a bg easy in Frost. i havnt actually tried unholy yet because of the huge amount of face roll damage that frost can deal. and its not howling blast, its all obliterate.

So i would also like to know which is going to be best for level 90. because i would like to practice it now so i can start off playing the correct class.

Btw, i have ADD hard as well. but im still able to control 12 85s. normally ADD allows me to handle playing more classes, then playing less.
Unholy is hitting really hard right now at 85, if the damage maintains to 90, unholy all the way, better survivability, control and damage! I'm killing a full cataclysmic player (regardless of class) if they pop no defensives in time in about 3 seconds, 6 scourges under cd's, they're dead. Healers die just as easy right now if you get up 4 necro's under cd's, then 4 scourges 2 festerings and some death coil spamming.

Healers may become impossible to kill as they get more pvp power due to a 15 second mind freeze cooldown and pvp power increasing healing done.

The current healing im seeing from my rsham makes it seem impossible to even equal the healing im doing with your damage, much less kill me. Without critting, im healing 90k greater healing waves when im low. If I crit, 180k or 50k riptide. If I crit with ancestral guidance up and i proc echo, thats a 502k heal O.o...thats not broken at all :D
(I have 132k health)

I hope this continues, I can't stand frost, not enough to do imo.
Hate to say it but at level 90 healers are still very hard to take down now for many classes and DK's are no different. While we can lock them down for an extended period of time using Mind Freeze & Strangulate it's still hard for all the things to align in a way that you can actually burst the healer down.

Several classes have much easier time killing healers at level 90 Mages, Warlocks, Rogues & Hunters all come to mind, but, these are 'pure' dps classes in the old term of things so in a way I feel that it's balanced.

Unholy at level 90 doesn't hit as hard as frost but when the target is below 35% Unholy hits much harder to compensate. Basically once a target is below 35% Unholy will more than likely kill them.
What are the best talents to go in for Unholy for pvp? i have a hard time deciding what ones to pick
i get 90kish necros stacked from 4 and im in !@#$ gear....
when geard that will be over 100 ez

not to mention wehn u pop on use trinket ur necrotics absorb 61k or so per lol..

so like 240k absorb with trink popd?

sign me up!

edit: this is w/o blood tap
Been having more and more fun with unholy as my gear increased, at the gearcap I feel like I can kill anything. My AoE damage is untoucheable, And I can mitigate/self heal my way through loads of damage.

Highly recommend blood tap, unmacroed if you can manage it. As you can save up charges for a presence swap, and you aquire charges healing your ghoul, your self, and (if you glyphed it) shielding people, where the other two only proc on damage.

Unholy is very gear dependent. I can drop most classes from 100-0 in a matter of seconds, and 180k soul reaper crits on resil targets triggers bouts of maniacal laughter. The rotation is much different than frost, as you are trying to time pushing their HP down to 35% with soul reaper ticking off for maximum spike damage. It's better to save your runes a bit and then dump all at once as opposed to spamming abilities as soon as they come up.

Timmy actually saves energy so he can respond to gnaw, and so you can get him to dump that extra energy on an extra claw when you need the spike.

Frost is definatly Fotm and probally the easyest way to go, but I see it running into the spike damage brick wall in arena, at least at higher ratings where the healers make fewer mistakes.
right now soul reaper on resilld targets its not doing very much as unholy eve. 50-100k if im lucky. The dmg is okie but hunters/warr and locks even seem to just burst harder. Atm unholy is just steady dot dmg and spreading diseases not very bursty in my opinion. Any healer that half decent can either dispell soul repear or keep him self above the mark and get his dps to peal. Frost sadly is just dominating cause atm all arena is just burst comps. Bm hunters nuff said.

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