[H] <Status Pro> 10m 8/8H Recruiting for MoP

Status Pro is a 10m guild formed at the end of Firelands that has raided competitively throughout Dragon Soul. The guild is 8/8hm on DS and currently ranks 9th Horde on Kil'jaeden server.

We field several core raiding teams and are recruiting for a group that runs Tue, Wed, Thu from 7pm - 11pm PST. Special attention will be given to people that can play multiple roles or classes and are willing to devote the time required for top kills.

Raiding Schedule:
Tues-Thurs 7pm - 11pm PST

High Demand Classes:
Shaman - Resto
Mage - DPS

Because we have many players with geared alts, our comp is a bit flexible right now, and we are willing to look at any exceptional players who are active, geared, and ready to raid. We will be avoiding people or projects who have not performed in current content or have a significant ramp-up time for whatever reason.

We are willing to help with server transfers in rare cases!

Please apply on our website ( http://statuspro.guildlaunch.com/ ) and we will respond within 48 hours, usually much sooner.

If you have any questions, pst Wuutgei/Peachx/Endever in game.
So much traffic here...
Still need Mage/Rsham Top priorty, any other exceptional dps accepted too!
Still need Rsham Top priorty, and Exceptional dps
Rsham and Exceptional Dps still need!
Still need
Still recruiting
Looking still, need strong healer, going into MOP...1dps spot avail too still
You still looking for a resto shammy? I just switched servers, that's why I ask.
08/24/2012 06:44 PMPosted by Jubjub
You still looking for a resto shammy? I just switched servers, that's why I ask.

yes please app
I have a Mage also =) Bump
Recruiting ALL exceptional players!!! High priorty Mage Hpally Hunter!
Recruiting Hpally, Mmonk and all execptional players!!!

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