The MoP Power Auras Classic

UI and Macro
Oh lord god in heaven... Somebody please rescue this addon from the clutches of counter-intuitiveness! It's in shambles and just a shadow of its former self!

mmmeh! Say it isn't so.. SAY IT ISN'T SO!

<::wanders off mumbling incoherently and pulling at hair::>
This is probably where you should direct your feedback.
It was fine(ish), well, at least it was working up until this recent patch of 5.1 (27/11/12). Now I can't get a peep out of it and no patch in the usual places.

I simply CANNOT survive without this addon!
It did break after 5.1, which isn't good since it's essential for me to keep track of my DoTs.

Here you go:

Works fine.
Thanks! I saw that but thought it was an old file (4.23.11). The latest one I had was 4.3.7

But, I've installed it an Power Auras is back up again. Cheers!
is there anywhere to get an updated version yet? the one on wowinterface or whatever site it is says it has a working addon out, but after downloading it and using it, it causes nothing but errors.

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