LF MoP Raiding guild

Hiya, I'm looking to transfer here in the coming days. I'm looking to get into a possible 10/25 HC raiding guild that is looking for progression. I'm looking to primarily join as a Prot Paladin or Ret. I wouldn't mind any class though really as I have them all 85. But my paladin is the most enjoyable. My preferable raid times are on weekends, but it shouldn't matter as my schedule is pretty flexible.
I feel like I'm for getting a lot of stuff, so if you have any more questions just reply.
Murloc Jihad is recruiting a offtank for MoP if youd be interested please send ingame mail to IMSP or reply to me here :)
We are looking for a second tank for our main raid team just pm chellex or sammich in game for more details.
Hey there! We're welcoming people to join us for MoP, and even current content if you wanted to. MoP is going to be a first to 90 first to raid deal. More than welcome to check us out at http://strangelyironic.freeforums.org and drop an app if interested. Good luck in your search!
Dishonor Elite is currently recruiting for MoP. We currently do not have a ret pally in our raid roster for MoP. We are a 25 Man raiding guild that raids tues, wed, thurs 7-11 PST. Check us out at www.dishonorelite.com if interested.

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