WTS 1-525 Profession Kits

I have 3 Alchemy kits ready - Asking 7k each kit.
I have 1 inscription kit near ready - will be asking 9k

These prices are much lower than the kits I used to sell when the economy was better.
I sold an Enchanting kit for 20k once, I really hated making that kit.
I made a Tailoring kit, no one wanted it after 3 weeks so I broke it up for bags and other things.

I farm every scrap of the mats myself, if you want me to farm you a kit, contact me ingame.

(Please do not troll this thread with "thats too much" and other stupid posts, I dont care what you think)
I need 1 inscription Kit, i'll try to look for ya in game.
ill buy alch kit if you bring it to horde
you have any left?
Im interested in a letherworkers kit if you bring it to the horde. mention price before anything.
I'll take 1 plumbers kilt please.

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