What is the best RP server?

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Before you can find the best RP server, you have to ask yourself how you RP?

Are you the type of player that sits on a bench and waits for RP to come to you? If so, then no server is going to be the best.

You have to take a active participation in generating RP as well as joining in with the RP.

You have to accept that you may walk up on 100 'afk' people before you find 1 who is open to random walk-ups.

Are you active on the forums? Are you willing to not only sign-up, but also generate events?

Are you a 'guild' rp'er?
Are you a 'random' rp'er?

Do you know how to fill out a RP add-on's physical description box correctly?
If you're Horde, go WrA. If Alliance go Moon Guard. You should go Horde though c:
If you head on over to MG, I suggest you join Lineage of the Moon or Moonblade. Both are great night elf guilds. Check out our forums for other guilds.

08/13/2012 12:21 PMPosted by Emraldman
Mmk well I'll give Moon Guard one more shot I suppose but WRA might be my side one :P

Moon Guard is giving me funny feelings currently. I transferred a character there a few months ago to follow a friend, who then quit playing three months ago. I haven't really tried to RP at all in thier absence, and decided last night that I would see what I could scrounge up.

I ended up being approached by a couple of "gentlemen" who just decided that they were just going to mess with me. One of them even whispered that I should ERP with the other, because he heard he was good at that sort of thing. From what I'd heard (but hadn't yet experienced until last night) that kind of behavior is common even outside of Goldshire.

I'm not sure how I feel about trying to get to know people there anymore. :/
Don't come to Silver Hand.The title of RP is a blatant LIE.
08/13/2012 12:21 PMPosted by Emraldman
Mmk well I'll give Moon Guard one more shot I suppose but WRA might be my side one :P

From what I've heard, WrA is pretty anal about their RP sticking to lore, but that's just hear-say (Or however the hell you spell it.)
WRA has AMAZING Horde, Decent Alli from what i've seen.
If you want Alliance, go MG. If you want Horde, go MG. If you want RPPvP, go MG. If you want WPvP, go ED. But really, you should go MG.
I was thinking orc shaman but Dwarf might work as well. Although I've never done hardcore or multi-person RP. I've more just be forever alone with it >.>
08/14/2012 01:11 AMPosted by Emraldman
I was thinking orc shaman but Dwarf might work as well. Although I've never done hardcore or multi-person RP. I've more just be forever alone with it >.>

I think orc makes more sense. I remember the early days of WoW, back in nilla, where shammy was a Horde-only class. I miss those days. But I think you should go Horde for shammy if you're going to RP. They fit nicely into the lore for orcs, tauren, and trolls (not so much goblins).
Recently transferred from Wyrmrest Accord to Emerald Dream and it does have it's RP. RP tends to fuel PvP and PvP tends to fuel RP. While it isn't as plentiful as it is on WrA or MG, the quality is good. Instead of the RP being all in the Cathedral District, it's all in the Mage District and scattered around Horde side. Brill, Crossroads, Org and SMC taverns for Horde.

Roll level ones first during peak hours and see how you like it.
Wyrmrest Accord isn't too shabby. There's a lot of RP going on in Silver moon city and Orgrimmar, mostly in the valley of honor. Thorium Brotherhood from time to time is active there's a tavern RP every Tuesday and Thursday night. It' has been a smidge on the quiet side recently but should be active again come MoP. Both servers have some pretty good communities (horde side not sure bout ally)
I play on Moon Guard on both Horde and Alliance, and I enjoy my Alliance role play much more. There is always some good, solid role playing going on (outside of Goldshire).

I actually ran into someone in a dungeon who the other day caused us a wipe, and because it was myself and two other guild mates, the player said it's because we're from Moon Guard and too incompetent to play properly (meanwhile his DPS was barely breaking 10k in a HoT heroic, half of what the other dps had and yet was equally geared). "Go back to Goldshire and stroke yourselves" was one of the many comments she made.

It pains me to see the bad rap that our realm has, people don't actually give it a chance a lot of the time. They go, see Goldshire, laugh because the rumors of it are true, and in most cases, move on.

I had a girl ask last night about a place to role place in general chat. I directed her to the Gnightly Gnews which was going on the Dwarven district, and she actually got angry after a few mins of being there and said "This isn't role play, they can't even speak English properly". It's funny because Breel is a Draenei, and he doesn't speak Common properly, and that makes it more interesting.

Everyone's opinion of role play is different, and my best suggestion would be to take a few weeks and try some of the realms suggested, and see what you like best.
You could show Argent Dawn some love, even though we're still rebuilding :3
Depends on how you feel about ERP. If you're trying to avoid that, stay away from MG and WRA - they both have a very large and prominent ERP crowd and many such guilds. I've been on both servers quite a bit - not pulling this out of my butt, nor is it an attack on ERPers. However, if that's your reason for trying to get off of MG, WRA really isn't going to be a whole lot better.

Unfortunately, most RP servers are pretty much dead at this point beyond those two. It's really, really sad. Some of them used to be -great- a few years back.
Thorium Brotherhood on Alliance side is completely dead, or where it can't be seen. Getting an RP guild or event to come alive on that server is extremely difficult.

Moon Guard, outside of Goldshire, are both your best bet. I personally prefer WrA because overall, there is far-far-far-far less ERP.
Now if we could receive a discount for bulk characters transfers...:)
You can checkout Earthen Ring's RP community at: earthenring.net

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