What is the best RP server?

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02/12/2013 10:04 AMPosted by Stonzgrinda
Moonguard is ok if you just don't want to ERP its has one of the highest populations of a RP server, mine on Wyrmrest Accord is alright, there are times when areas are ghost towns but its decently populated, though I think its mainly alliances.

Thus my question as to whether he preferred PvP or carebear server. I don't see how you get immersion in safe environment. Ravenholdt, Twisting Nether, Venture Co., Emerald Dream all offer good RP, and in a PvP environment.
PVP is pretty good on mine though the questing areas are kinda lonely at times BG que times are pretty fast tell up to 11pm-5am even finding a Heroic dungeon was hard then.
The Venture Co. (RP/PVP) also has an outstanding community.
I'm also looking for an RP realm, looking to find a Forsaken Guild that will let me join with a blood elf death knight who considers them self a member of the Forsaken.

Good over-all Horde community.
Not many greifers
Good Economy
I like Wymrest Accord on both the horde and alliance side.
I thought you looked familiar. I hope it was good for you, too.

Did your Succubus participate or just watch?
Wyrmrest Accord and Moon Guard would be my top choices. I haven't been on Moon Guard in a long time, so I don't know what the RP scene is like there anymore but last time I was there it was still pretty good.

Personally my short-list suggestion would be Moon Guard and Wyrmrest Accord.

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