Sunny D

Now that i have your attention ( or not )

Just wondering whats up with the guild invite/whisper add on.Why would you use that? Is it that hard to use trade chat? Why do you have to annoys people with it? Pretty rude to invite me in a guild without asking me if i'd like to join.

I mean, NO i won't level your guild so you can sell it later when you realize how fail it is.

And you might get some weirdo or troll with that method.

Ah what the hell, they probably don't even know wow has a forum so im losing my time D-:
You do know there is an option to turn off guild invites right?
Yep. Of course I'm using it. But they can still whisper you ( and yes i ignore them ).

So basically you are typing it's right because i can ignore them ?
Blondiezirl ... Rage somewhere else please.
I don't see where i'm raging. Simply stating that its rude and annoying.

Also , you get a cookie for finding my main name, bravo. I don't see how it's revelant to this thread.
You guys suck for playing into Whiney's plan here.

Attention seeker is successful.
Tieranny, you never talk to me anymore, makes me a sad puppyman.
You scooted off to another server on your main, you traitor! ;P
KT alliance is so much better than ZJ horde >.>

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