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so whats the best spec for leveling
its the best for leveling, and its the best for raiding
thanks and where is the Destruction spec lye in dps
08/14/2012 09:38 PMPosted by Lykila
thanks and where is the Destruction spec lye in dps

As of right now, 4.3, all 3 specs are about equal in terms of DPS. Its really preference as they are all within 1-2k of each other and it depends heavily on the fight, as there are optimal specs and whatnot. Play what you like, they are all equal!
I have limited experience, but isn't it fair to say that certain specs may do better at certain levels? And since people can change specs whenever they feel like it, should spec advice be level specific? For example, I previously leveled a Destruction like to 35 pretty smoothly. So, up to level 35, I would say that works fine. After that, I of course don't have any experience. But again, people can switch specs whenever it suits them.

tab corruption tab corruption tab corruption etc.

then loot.
It depends on what you enjoy. I've found demo to be extremely quick and easy
Affliction since level lower levels, multi dot the elites and rain of fire = done. Later on there is more you can do, the felhunter's shadow bite actually hits pretty damn hard so even solo questing is a snap if you don't like running randoms all day long. I do both, Dungeons here, questing there, and never feel the need to change specs. When I get extra agro because of a pat or me just not paying attention, who cares, you have enough tools in your arsenal to deal with them and so much self healing the only one coming out of that a bit bruised is your pet and even then if you keybind health funnel you can keep puppy up just fine. I honestly have no intention of playing the other specs unless I absolutely have to. This is my personal opinion on the matter though, ultimately the choice is yours =)
I like destro for leveling until I have both UA, and Haunt available then I powerthrough hellfire peninsula and outlands as affliction.

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