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I wish stupid freaking Blackhorn would drops gazza's belt for me. So i could be blue also.
I am the skimpy?
I substituted Cobalt Belt for it.
yeah i saw i may do the same. The current one i have is quite ugly.
08/09/2012 09:11 PMPosted by Arrienne
I am the skimpy?


*whistles again*

Sorry what were we talking about?
Still need boots. :(
08/09/2012 09:25 PMPosted by Samayael
Still need boots. :(

08/09/2012 09:25 PMPosted by Samayael
Still need boots. :(

The boots have dropped the two weeks I offered to sit for Ultra. Blows
Been working on the opening to my next video all day, coming along nicely and I cant wait til its finished >=D
So my laptop is kind of great. Gonna do some stuff with Steam and LoL tomorrow :D
Went 5/8H tonight much more smoothly and quickly than we did last week. We get three straight hours of attempts on Warmaster on Monday (which, hopefully, we'll only need 30 minutes of to get Warmaster and the rest can be spent on Spine) so hopefully we'll get that down.

The only two issues we're having right now in Phase 1 is people getting killed solo soaking because their would-be soaking partners are padding meters, and our tank not getting a solid grip on the mobs fast enough (resulting in our Warrior, the most geared DPS in the raid, taking aggro off of him and dying either to the damage itself or to damage from a soak/onslaught right afterwards). The latter of which we fixed with the obvious solution, but the first is a mindset that we're going to need people to break.

47 rep away from exhalted with <Two>, so I have to wait until Tuesday before I can quit and either join the guild that I'm raiding with or look into a different one.
"I'LL CUT OFF YOUR ____!" just brought me to a whole new level of respect for our moonkin/resto druid. Sometimes the shaman needs a reminder that even he makes mistakes, lol.
Still need boots. :(


Hate you.

Still need boots. :(


And you.

Still need an H IDP and Blackhorn's shield for BiS Prot. I also need an LFR shield I should do that I guess.

As for the Stormbolt/Avatar/Bloodbath discussion from yesterday, I'm not surprised Storm Bolt is doing well since it's 400% weapon damage every 30sec, or at least 2400% weapon damage over 3 minutes, Avatar's CD. Pretty solid, especially since it can crit, be affected by Enrage and CSmash, and all those other goodies. If Bloodbath stops munching its damage, it should be a solid choice, even with Fury's large amount of white damage. Roughly 20% uptime of 30% inc damage through a bleed? That actually is pretty neat, and for just a normal fight, it might actually end up being the best choice actually. Storm Bolt should be good on heavy movement fights or a fight where you need a ranged stun (Ragnaros comes to mind, Blackhorn as well). Avatar will have uses on fights like Spine where you need big burst every so often I still feel.

I think people are too stuck on the idea that you must have one talent all the time since, well, that's basically what talents have been forever. They're much more malleable now, and you can pick and choose what you need on a fight-per-fight basis. That's awesome.
Sam, that last part about pick and choosing is what I've been really liking about the new system. Going into the new fights and testing on raids, I've been keeping my talent window open, perusing through the choices. It's really, really fun to be able to pick and choose things. Until I out gear things in five man runs to where I can be lazy, I think I'm going to have a stack of tomes almost all the time in case I feel like getting CRAZY AND CHANGING MY SKILL SET HOORAH.

It's definitely gonna be fun to customize things like this, even if for sure we're going to have some clear cut things be just that good or be our personal favorite. Avatar and Bladestorm, for example.
Yeah, I've got 40 tomes on the beta, and I think that's a comfy amount.
So uh, I have a question for you guys.

What do y'all think of Glyph of Incite for Protection?

A friend of mine was concerned about our AoE in add-trickle scenarios because "We no longer really have Cleave to pad our threat between dead cooldowns" and I was trying to sort of tell him to man up and figure things out.

Then I saw Glyph of Incite.

Seems like if you pop DC and just Devastate once you can dump out about 3 Heroic Strike/Cleaves for free, then pump out a few more (if you're explicitly hitting nothing else I suppose) for about 10 rage each, thanks to the Incite buff.

Thoughts? D:

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