Disciples of Disorder 7/16 Late Night Guild

Apply: www.disciplesofdisorder.net/
High Demand: Exceptional Tank & DPS: Shadow Priest

Current Progression:
Mogu'shan Vaults 10N: 6/6
Heart Of Fear 10N: 1/6

Next Expansion Goals:
Completing all CURRENT Heroic Tier Content.
Top 10 Realm Rank.

World Of Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/180011/
Guild Recruitment

Looking For All Classes
High Demand: Warlock, Mage, Boomkin, Mistweaver Monk

MOP Raiding Times
Tues - Weds - Thurs - Sun
11PM - 2:45AM ST (Invites Start @ 10:45PM)
Trash Pulls @ 11PM Sharp!

Healing positions – we are looking for someone with high end heroic raiding during this expansion and some of the previous expansion(s). World of logs or any sort of logs is needed to apply. This gives us every opportunity to see how well you substain your mana and major spells in any given situation. Pictures of UI is needed to apply. We are interested in Healers who have off specs. .

DPS Position - we are looking again for someone with high end raiding during this expansion and some of the previous expansions. World of logs is recommended. Pictures of UI is needed to apply. Melee is required to be able to move on the fly and have 0 tunnel vision. We are not interested in alt dps so if you are on an alt with non current ilvl or Teir then we probably will not be interested. Having a healing or tanking off spec is a huge factor.

Expectations Of Our Raiders:

  • Microphone + Ventrilo
  • 90% Attendance
  • Showing Up On Time And Ready.
  • Skilled Players: Knowing your class and spec thoroughly. Having multiple specs is highly looked upon
  • Knowing The Fights Prior To Stepping Into Raid. (We do not accept "I can only learn from doing it") We will provide the necessary starts on the forums for all to view.
  • Although we do provide strats we may change it up depending on current classes or needs. Being able to move on the fly is what we are looking for.
  • Age Requirement: 18+
  • Great Attitude even through wiping.
  • We are only looking for full time members who are raiding through MOP.
  • Guild> Self Expect to be sat out depending on the needs of classes during current bosses.

If you feel this is the type of guild you would like to be in but your class isnt in our needs. Feel free to apply as we do take skill into consideration and would love to try you out.

How to fill out an application
Fill out the questionnaire.
Click submit at the bottom once you are done.

What happens after I fill out an application?
Voice Interview through ventrilo will be the starting of your trial. Once we have enough information to continue we will try you out with a couple of challenge modes. After you have completed the transition we will invite you to the guild and place you into raid ready until given a trial. Once you have raided with us and proven your worth and feel this is the guild for you then we will start your 2 week trial. We take Attitude, Skill, How Well You Listen, And Oh FREAK Moments into consideration along with your application (Written/Voice).

We will contact you via email/in game for a time of the ventrilo interview. It is always encouraged to check up on your application after 72 hours.

People To Contact:
Skillvex - Guild Leader(Real ID: xd_legacy@yahoo.com)
Calhoun - Raid Leader

Last Revision: 11-07-12
Updating Recruitment Needs
I'm glad to see things are looking good for you guys. :)
Aw thanks eva =) Good to see you again as always
Yiekes...my alter ego is showing....
We don't like to hold hands and don't expect anyone to hold ours. Strats are always posted pre-raid for those who are unfamiliar with the encounters. Progression in a timely manner is the goal in MoP.
Anyhow, best guild on the realm, and I have seen a lot of them....(disregard my bad hair day if you please)
where are those healers at!
what's a healer?

My healer is stuck in Pronshire...healing is a chore!
Hehe moonguard player
LOL, actually one of the 'few' realms I don't play on. But Gold Shire is a creepy place!
Are you currently taking applications for Mages and Warlocks?
Right now we are currently accepting the following classes

Priests (Disc)
Paladin (Holy) *Preferred a tank OS)
Shamans (Restoration/DPS OS)


We are only looking for Main Characters unless alts are needed for stacking for progression. Such as (Heavy melee or Heavy ranged boss kills).

Feel free to submit a application
08/13/2012 01:29 AMPosted by Formerly
Hehe moonguard player

Lol where!? :D

08/13/2012 08:38 PMPosted by Zabeena
LOL, actually one of the 'few' realms I don't play on. But Gold Shire is a creepy place!

Hmm are you ama >.> Hordie! Traitor! :P
Yep, Ama, the Not Ama
(0 0)/'''\ supppp ama!
Not much putzing around, farming a bit here and there...
Your untouchable when it comes to farming :) guild name suits you

I checked my mail btw .. Turns out i already had it so ill remail you the item thanks for being thoughtful though :)
gbank, my friend! ^_^
bumpity bump to the top

We are still in need of a Disc Priest, Restoration Shaman, Druid Boomy.

We are also looking to pick up at least 1 to 2 monk healers.

Apply @ www.disciplesofdisorder.net

Further Questions Whisper - Skillvex or Eragoan

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