[H] <Seriously Casual> - LF TANK or HEALS!

Too easy mate, will be on tonight from about 5:30pm as at work atm!

Also still looking for a great tank so hit me up on here or in game if you’re keen to start raiding this week!
Pretty keen, going to send a app in now.
Work ends at 7:30 AEST only be at home around 8-9 AEST =(. Will keep on looking for other guild =3.
What part of Australia are you in? Daylight saving starts this weekend and we will be raiding 7:30pm BRISBANE time which isn't effected by daylight savings, so will be 8:30 in Sydney and stuff!
Not in Australia but would fall near Sydney time, GMT +8, if based on my old Oceania ST my 7:30pm would be 9:30pm ST. Weekends isn't a big problem as I can make myself available, it's the weekdays that I cannot be available anytime earlier than that, what with all the traffic it takes me a minimum of 1 hour to a maximum of an hour and a half to get back home.

Yes and I've checked the world time. Brisbane 7:30pm would be 5:30pm which is the time I'm just off from office =(.
Ahhhh fair enough yeah unlucky mate. Best of luck with your guild search then :)
Would you be interested in recruiting a 464 iLvl Resto Shaman, 464 ilvl DK DPS and 464 iLvl Prot Paladin?


Potentially, however it is something we should chat about ingame! Feel free to msg me tonight or over the weekend when i am online!
Too easy mate, we'll all be on sometime this evening. We're Brisbane based so you're guild times work well with our work commitments. Talk this evening sometime.


Awesome...majority of our guild is Brisbane based as well so it could be a great fit. Also means raid times won't change for you when daylight savings starts as we will continue to raid at 7:30pm Brisbane time! Should be on tonight so chat to you then, just at work atm zzz
I am also interested in the dk position. I already have cleared up to Elegon this week as a tank and I left my guild due to my GM having a god complex and other drama related issues. Cleared all of DS hardcore at 10% nerf, dps'd as 2h frost and tanked the majority of the fights.

Ill send u a tell online so maybe we could talk.

Highly interested in a strong guild.

I have also cleared heroic sinestra heroic rag as well.

Oh sorry I didn't notice the AEST time.
Bump for first raid last night and dead dogs. More will go down this coming reset.

Core spots still available for a couple of great players who want to kill bosses but not commit more than 2 nights a week to doing so.

Apply now and trial this Thursday
Are you guys still looking for a tank? I'm interested
We are mate. If you're interested i'd suggest chucking in an app on our forum or chatting to me ingame tonight or tomorrow. Having said that i may not be on tonight if the server is shutting down early as i gtg do some RL stuff after work.
LF Tank or Healer

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