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Hey everyone, gonna probably start a druid. Had one back in BC but I quit him after about 25 levels, don't remember why. So since a druid is the only class I don't have an 85 of, i'm going to try to get an 85 druid.

Now my question is do I wanna be a Nightelf or a Worgen druid?
I do love the worgen forms much more than Nightelf, but with things such as the new Astral glyph in MoP, I don't know if I can stand the hand flailing casting animation of Worgen.
Anyone? Haha
Night elf, baby! The original and the best!

We are better tanks :)
Well the answer is neither elf or dog thing....the answer is troll my friend :D
What spec is going to be your main?

NE are better at Guardian (dodge)
Worgen are better at Feral, Balance and Resto (crit)
NE are better overall in PvP (shadowmeld), though the speed boost is nice in PvP.

Either way both are extremely close in all aspects and ultimately should come down to your personal opinion on looks.

I like Worgen, as you can tell. I choose it not based on racials but because I like the race more than elves.
[Darkflight] : Activates your true form, increasing movement speed by 40% for 10 sec. 3 minute cooldown.
[Viciousness] : Increases critical strike chance by 1%.
[Aberration] : Shadow and Nature Resistance (1 point per level) since .
[Flayer] : Skinning skill increased by 15, removes the requirement of having a skinning knife and increases skinning speed.
[Two Forms] : Turn into your currently inactive form. 1.5 sec cooldown.
[Running Wild] : Drop to all fours to run as fast as a wild animal. Serves as the worgen "mount".

Night elf
[Shadowmeld] : Activate to slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence. Lasts until cancelled or upon moving. Any threat is restored versus enemies still in combat upon cancellation of this effect, 2 minute cooldown.
[Quickness] : Reduces the chance that melee and ranged attackers will hit you by 2%.
[Wisp Spirit] : Transform into a wisp upon death, increasing speed by 75%. (As opposed to 50% increase of other races)
[Elusivesness]: Reduces the chance enemies have to detect you while Shadowmelded or Stealthed and increases your speed while stealthed by 5%. Faster stealthed speed added in . (Rogue and Druid only)
[Nature Resistance] : Reduces the chance you will be hit by Nature spells by 2%. Changed to Nature Resistance (1 point per level) since .

Unless 'crit' is weighted significantly higher in MOP, I can't help but think Night Elf provides an overall slight advantage.

A lot of people refer to shadowmeld as a "PVP" quality of life, but I've seen *SEVERAL* instances where a well time shadowmeld on a wipe allowed for them to live and mass resurrect.
If you like forms and think worgen forms look better, then worgen. If you like to play sparkly dress-up and hate worgen casting animations then nelf. Although imo nelf casting animations are almost as bad, and male worgen animations aren't bad at all, it's mostly just the female ones.
08/10/2012 08:29 AMPosted by Tagartou
If you like to play sparkly dress-up

Haha "sparkly dress up"

*reminded of male nelf wrath cast animation*

*continues on with tea party while weeping*

Ah yeah, basically what Tagartou has said. Never played a worgen, but the male animations seem decent from looking at my resto guildie.
If you even have the smallest idea that you might do feral pvp. Night Elf is the best way to go by far. SM saves my but every 2 min

I would say NE cast animations are pretty great. I dont know about Male worgen But the Female static casting animation looks like some one "Smakin dat @$$" I mean one hand out and everything. I crack up every time I see it.
Overall it doesnt matter too much. Having said that I prefer NE over Worgen for Druid any day. I do play as tank and find shadowmeld to have helped me out of more bad situations then I can count, even in end game raids.
For PvP Nightelf owns Worgens imo.

That shadowmeld is just too good if you use it correctly. Especially in MoP we will have so much more ways to get out of trouble. I find a small spring on 3min CD is gonna be useless. Id rather have a vanish
08/10/2012 05:20 AMPosted by Fahrenheit
NE are better at Guardian (dodge)

Tauren has more health=best druid tanks?

Go tauren. Alli sucks.
IMO Worgen look retarded. Absolutely friggin retarded. Go with night elf.

If you wanna be comepletely badarse though, be a troll. Nothing says badarse like a cat with a mohawk
08/10/2012 05:20 AMPosted by Fahrenheit
NE are better at Guardian (dodge)

Chance to be missed, not dodge.
08/10/2012 03:27 PMPosted by Kreayshawn
NE are better at Guardian (dodge)

Tauren has more health=best druid tanks?

Go tauren. Alli sucks.

Tauren racial was nerfed to base health increase. 2% dodge is better. Especially if you consider in MoP we'll have sub-20% dodge to start with.
I like night elf and troll druids best.
Night Elf just feels right when I think of a Druid.
smeld rules.
Worgen and Troll have the best offensive racials. Night elves have good defensive racials. Depends on your role. If you want to play balance, you don't HAVE to use glyph of stars. You could stay classic Moonkin.

Personally, I just felt that werewolves were freaking awesome. Unfortunately, some people automatically assume that you like Twilight. :(

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