Druid Race

Choosing worgen or troll give you good racials. Don't forget that you still have the druid leveling guide available to you. I have a 5.0 Mists of Pandaria update ready to post once the patch hits in a few weeks.

Alliance: Night Elf, Horde: Tauren.
I'm in the same boat. I got Parmae here at 87 and I'm consider Race Changing to NELF. Worgens are cool and all... but I feel like NELFS are the originals... I'm balance/resto... The worgen casting animations bug me....
Night Elf, forever and always. Racial traits are much better than any other class. Worgen has the tiniest shimmer of extra DPS, but if you're looking to PVP, nothing beats Night Elf.
Night elf, for one reason and one reason alone:

Shadowmeld + instant cast flight form

You will never get ganked again.
Female - NE...they bounce.

Male - Doesn't really matter, though I think I would go worgen for the models.
We all know Night Elves are the real druids!
NE are better at Guardian (dodge)

Tauren has more health=best druid tanks?

Go tauren. Alli sucks.

Thank you for proving you don't know jack about druid tanks.
I race changed to Worgen when Cata launched specifically because it bothered me that I could shift into a flight travel form that had full speed and could shift into a swimming travel form that had better than full speed (with glyph), but I didn't have any way of going full speed on the ground without a mount. Running Wild solved that problem.

Also, when I had faction-switched before that, I had to go from being a tauren to being a night elf. It was a considerable downgrade.

Regarding mechanics, the speed boost is very nice, and 1% crit is really nice for the DPS specs (not bad for the others either, just not as good as for DPS). If I was rolling up a new druid that I intended to always tank, I'd consider making a night elf (assuming they still get the 2% hit reduction...is that still there?), but otherwise it would be a worgen.

Actually, I do have an alt druid, and it is a worgen. It's for gathering, and nothing beats a worgen druid for herbalism/skinning except perhaps a tauren druid (fast skinning versus fast herbalism).
NIGHT ELF NIGHT ELF NIGHT ELF...altho the extra crit for worgen is nice for tanking too now, but honestly NIGHT ELF

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